(suggestion) Changing formation

so if you give a unit a move order that is further than 9 tiles away (patrol all the time), and you are using the line formation, the units will switch from a wide attack line (like the onagers above), to a narrow “marching” line.

i think this distance is much too short, neither does it help having the troops switching to a marching line for only 9 tiles, if anything all it ever does is absolutely screw up micro in a battle. trying to tell units to advance and instead they need to reform because you clicked 9 or 10 tiles away instead of 8. imo the formation should only change to the narrow line if larger distances are going to be covered, but at least 20 or more tiles, possibly even higher. staggered formation is a work around, but sometimes its impractical (siege bumps like mofos) or detrimental (archers) to use that formation in many cases

at least if we cant resolve the way units have to form up, can we at least resolve when they form up…

i think the units it hurts the most are archers and CA trying to kite, as it can be more punishing to have them switch between the types of line formation


I agree, and there various tweaks that can be done to formation behaviours also you asking here:

  1. Made box formation compact when you are moving the same units (because when increase the numbers they star to make a kind of shell box formatioin what is useless and ugly)
  2. Make Vils groups always move in narrow marching line, not only when you order them to go building something.
  3. I think it would usefull split formation restart to line formation when you select a splited group. I.e. I split a group of 10 archers, then only select one of the splitted groups. WHen I move them they split again.
  4. Add some new formations:
    A wide one, which max wide would be maybe 15/20 tiles;
    A convex halfmoon one
    A Trinagle one, for cavalry (Now that we have a charge mechanism). Maybe usefull for Steppe Lancers.

5)Add the posibility of orient a group of units like Total War series.


i think this one will be great, but i think a lot of these require a fair amount of coding to be added modified, my OP only requires one field to be modified so should be a fairly simple change.

its because each archer is assigned the “split group formation” and it is actually logical that when you select one of the split groups it retains the “split group formation”, in the same way selecting some archers from a staggered formation will retain the staggered formation command

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Yes, I’m only adding tweaks. I agree with your proposal

Yes, I understand how it works, I just asking it will be changed. If is easy or hard to code is not my concern haha

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I’d like to see this change.

Or at least units should be forbidden from moving in the opposite direction of the pathing vector the pathfinding has determined.

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I don’t understand why this behaviour is still in the game.
I mean we found some kind of workaround with the box formation, but this only works with limited number of units.
The distance is too short. It would be ok if it was about 2x the current distance, then it would be easier to not accidentally move your units just 1 tile to far away.

And I would appreciate if the banning of phoenix would be omitted. IDK why he was banned, but as far as i remember him he was a very nice guy and an important member of our community. Imo a permaban is just too much there.

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