[Suggestion] Chat <Team> tag and <All> hotkey

Many players that I have met online do not seem to understand or properly use Team and All chat. For example, they type a friendly suggestion or even just ‘gg’ in team chat, presuming that the opponents can read it. I believe that all these ‘lost’ chat messages harm the game’s social potential.

The cause of this confusion is very simple: whereas chat messages to everyone are prefixed with an [All] tag, messages in team chat lack such a prefix. Without it, team chat messages do not at all suggest that the enemy team cannot read it. To remedy this problem, I would suggest that a [Team] prefix be added to team chat messages to make the recipients abundantly clear in either case.

Furthermore, I cannot be the only one who finds having to type an asterisk to chat to everyone rather tiresome. I would therefore suggest that an additional hotkey be added that opens a chat window with the asterisk already there. Shift+enter would be a good default.

What do you think?


I think both are excellent ideas.

Just wondering, is there a way to send a message to one specific player? I only know about *all, ;allies and #enemies in the chat box. I know you can select a specific player the trumpet in the top right corner, but is there a quicker way?

This tag exists. You get it by prefacing your message with a semicolon.

Messages without any prefix won’t have it, because you can change who will get your message, e.g. everyone, everyone except p6 etc. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to also give it to messages without semicolon if you have the default behavior of team chat enabled. (So people who don’t know don’t make the mistake you describe)