Suggestion: Civ-Pool as Picking Option

I recently had an idea: Wouldn’t it be a nice thing to have a “Civ-Pool” option to pick next to “Random” or “Mirror”.

How it could work: You have a check list of every civ and create a “Civ-Pool” from which your civ is picked randomly.

I stumbled across some situations where this could be benefitial:

  • You want to pick a random civ out of your 5 favourite ones → put them in the civ-pool
  • You want to to play random civ except the 2 civs you hate → civ-pool without them
  • You just purchrased both DLCs and want to randomly test out the 4 new civs → …
  • You want to train a scout build (or any build) but don’t want to always play franks → put scout civs in the pool
  • You get islands and don’t want to pick iatlians/vikings but also don’t want to random into a complete civ loss → put decent water civs in the civ-pool

I think this coul be a good idea because it should be rather easy to implement and would hopefully benefit a lot of people.
Additionally you could also think of an option to “weight” civs differently. E.g. you want to play random civ but also try the poles/boh every now and then → You could put a 10x multiplyer on them, so they come up more often than the old civs.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this idea!


This is requested a lot (this isn’t the first thread about this subject) and I support this idea.

The weighting might be something too much. Just civ pools should be enough for most player.

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You can do it with a simple randomize online or a mobile app (I do that often) but it would be nice to have an in-game option
BTW the last example is a testament to how unbalanced and boring water maps are 11

Great idea ! I would love to use it

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Was going to make a new thread when the forums suggested this as an existing thread, so giving it a bump - I would very much so love to have a pool of Civs as a possibility.

There’s only a few civs I don’t like as playing, but I don’t like picking any civ either, so I tend to play with Random only and hate my life when I get civs I don’t like. This would solve the problem completely and it doesn’t really have to be anything extravagant, I can (re-)organise the civ pool as I see fit.

Would love it as a possibility for both Ranked and Custom Lobbies, especially when AFAIK a similar feature exists for maps?


Yes please, I don’t know why it’s not already implemented.