[Suggestion] Conquer the World!

Out of a sudden I recalled my old SanGuo game (Chinese Three Kingdom) that I can play as one tribe to battle one city at a time and conquer the whole China eventually, which excites me to suggest if we can apply it here! :smiley:

Basically, the idea is to allow the player to use one civ to battle and conquer the world, by land and by sea, one region at a time (one city at a time is a bit too hectic I believe).

To avoid recreating all world maps all over again and various civs that are in each region in each timeline like in our existing campaign, I would suggest we can edit the existing campaign’s maps and start from there. For instance, we choose Incas, then we will start playing from South America, and battle through Meso-American to the North, conquer Atlantic towards the east to either Europe British or Africa at the south and head further east towards Middle East and East Asia. The reachable region following route can be a bit like the board game Risk: Civilisation to battle one by one but using campaign maps (can remove the narration as it will be a huge mess otherwise).

The timeline can be like Football Manager that we build an empire and timeline goes according to the civ we chose, like Incas timeline is similar to Aztec’s while it’s already after Byzantines had fallen to Ottoman (Turks flourished) and Persian, Mongols, Chinese also flourished in Imperial. And by the time Incas reaches Asia, the mentioned flourished civs may have conquered other regions near them, so it’s like running the time according to our number of maps we play, can be one map we play is 50 years. The Age upgrades can be brought forward to the next map like in campaign, but maybe limit age at the start of the civ. So maybe by the time we conquer the world is after 1000 years or more (20 maps played, or more as there are many regions in the world). The battles can be won to proceed to the next map, or lost to retreat from the region then will have to battle again to win. The background AI figures can be generated backend to imitate the results and conquerors in the world so there can be no same results every time we play, even using same civ. Kinda interesting I feel!

These are some features that I think will bring life to the game further as it gives a “civ-that-I-can-grow-with” feeling, the campaign is a bit too short to me. To make this new features into another DLC is what I would recommend to bring sponsors from the community.

Please give some insights below on this add-on, good and bad, but give constructive suggestions. If it’s good, we carry on, otherwise or many feeling meh on this topic, I’m ok to scrap. But I’m really excited in sharing this feeling to the community in a game that I loved! Cheers! :smiley:

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