Suggestion: Control over Game Lobby setting

So here i want to suggest something that has bugging me for a while. Players love going in the non-ranked lobby and just have some fun.

I would like to start a discussion where the game host of a lobby has full control over players and setting and adjust more then is possible right now. In general this should be fixed by people simply not beeing ■■■■ heads, but it helps if the host can simply set the rules.

Games i have in mind are FN, CBA and BF team games vs human and AI.

Some small control additions

  • Random civ/pick civ. ~if you want a random match everyone is forced on random, no civ picking; pick civ players can still go random if they please, but then at least fix that bug.
  • Random player collors (for the CBA fans).

Rework the AI setting.
Now we can select the AI to be a certain level. I would love if i set an AI that i can have mulitple levels. so do 2 hardest and 1 extreme for example. This should be possible.
Maybe if select AI a second drop down apears on the right of it. where you can select the specific level of AI, including modded AI’s.

Add a boot
if someone is being an ■■■ we should be able to just boot him/her instead of closing/opening that spot.

Maybe add a quick button, “invite players from last game”. I play alot with friends having to manually invite every friend again and again is… well it can be made easier.

I dont know if i forgot something but the general idea is clear i believe.

Please discuss did i miss something, do you agree?

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I’m curious what this has to do with CBA, and are colours not random when no-one picks a colour?

No they are simply in order of lobby joined, but you always have players that pick a color to get the best position… it can be allowed off course but thats up to the host