Suggestion: Create an "Editor's Pack" DLC $

I’d like to suggest an DLC that adds a a lot of new objects for scenario makers, gaia and terrain stuff like

  • New grass, dirt, desert, trees and rock types

  • New cliff types (and possibly fixing the granite and sandstone cliffs looking the same)

  • New Mountain types (there is currently only 2 desert mountains and they look extremely similar)

  • New editor only units (maybe some native north american units similar to the Iroquois warrior, which could make custom campaings on north america more possible)

  • New gaia ruin objects like Mesoamerican or asian ruins, as of now there is mostly just roman ruins.

While I know some people may find it unnecesary to pay for this type of stuff, it would encourage the devs to add them, I really liked those new birch trees they added, and would love to see more gaia stuff, I create real world maps and try to make them as accurate and diverse as possible, which is one of the reasons I am suggesting this.


This would be nice. Desert/Tundra and Ocean terrain types that slowly deal damage to units and buildings would also be a great tool.

I agree, maybe more color moods too


why do you want it as DLC!?

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I’d prefer if it was free obviously, anyone would, but I don’t think the devs would be willing to give it a shot without gaining some money in exchange $

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Problem with this kind of DLC is if you make something with this dlc people without it wont be able to play it.


hmm maybe people without the DLC could play the scenarios made by people with the DLC but won’t be able to use them in the editor?

Again if this was possible to do without paying that would be great, but i think the devs could need some incentivise to do it.

A new topic requesting stuff that would be useful for making scenarios would be first step to show devs what the community needs.
I personally want more hero skins so scenarios looks nicer.

Well to be fair most of what i’d like to request is just eye candy stuff, for scenarios, maybe not very useful but niche

I get that, but i don’t think most of the community would be asking for stuff like this, and i am sure everyone from every aspect of the community would like more gaia objects, but it’s not a priority at all for them when it comes to the game, so I doubt there would be enough participation

For example the only reason I haven’t made a mesoamerica map is the lack of mayan and aztec ruins, there is barely any (there is also no volcanoes)
in fact I think the only ruin the mesoamericans have is this

There is also some stuff missing from the HD version like the “rain” gaia object, that was kinda fun to use.

The problem with things like this being a DLC is that most people won’t buy it


Eh I guess you’re rigth

Before with each new DLC for the hd edition, a lot of new Editor stuff was added, that’s also history now

yeah, well atleast we got some birch trees in the new update i guess lol

I also want to see different skins for the bandit heavy xbow and mounted samurai units too, they still use duplicate graphics.


I also wish they could give generic units their skin depending on what civ is being used ON the editor, or maybe have a toggle for multiplayer

I doubt this would be done anytime soon and the amount of work needed would be a huge. Making few units for once using duplicate graphics is much cost efficient.They can just remove the wings off the hussar units or remove the shiled from the italian uu xbow and you get brand new looking units.

it’s just kinda weird seing aztecs lead an army of european crossbowmen and pikemen lol

But why as a paid dlc? I always thought they were going to improve the editor little by little.
Always… even when aoe2 de was first announced.

Hd Edition DLC got tons of editor stuff in the past, this has been massively deceased with the DE DLCs.