[Suggestion] Deal with disconnection when starting teh game

It’s not rare when a multiplayer game loads, some people just drop. And then this game will never be started. We have to exit the entire game program to quit this game. This is very inconvenient considering how slow the game program starts and ends.

Please have an option to quit the loading game after maybe 1 minute?


Some players have reported this issue is caused by the number of mods installed. I have only pussywood official mod installed and the game opens in less than 30 secs (with a celeron g3930. 45€ cpu)


Is there an issue? Starting and ending takes up just some seconds. And i dont even have a gaming PC… So i dont really know what you experienced.

You can always quit the game in some seconds. So i have no idea what you mean with

I mean when the game load, like eight people with the civs, black background. That scene. Sometimes one or two players dont have their ticks for years. And people can only quit the game by alt+F4.

I do have a ton of mods installed. 46 mods in total, include mods of graphics, campaign, data mod, etc.


I would say: Blame all the mods, not the game. It is pretty common that games become slow if you use too many mods. Graphic mods will the biggest bottleneck of the preformance i would gues.

Well, it really depends on the situation here.

If the mods are poorly made or optimized, then let’s blame the mods.

However, if the game is not optimized for mods, then we should not just blame the superficial cause.

Actually I am a part time modder / campaign maker. I am astonished by how little aoe/de supported user created mods

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game should not load or read into the mod files at all until mod is used. infact it should make no sense why mod would slow down the “start” of a game, especially when you finally trying to start an actual in game “modded game”, and it’s loaded a 2nd time, that is simply inefficient and only can blame age of empires design.