[Suggestion] Delhi research time

After several patches, I feel devs are so messed in calculating the research time for Delhi.

So my formula is based on: Resources for research that upgrade(A), resources to build the building got that upgrade(B), gather rate each age (C: assume the rate is 0.75, 0.863, 0.975, 1.088), and the normal research time (D):
X = ((A+B) /C /2) + D ---- /2 because assuming a half economy will upgrade and a half will save for age up or military.

So let see some examples:
Age 1:
Survival Techniques : (150+50) /0.75 /2) + 75 = 208.33
Wheelbarrow: (200+50) *0.75 /2 ) + 90 = 256.67

Age 2:
Hardened Spearman: (100+150) /0.863/2 ) + 30 = 174.8
Horticulture: (250+50) /0.863/2 ) + 75 = 248.8
Bloomery: (175+150) /0.863/2 ) + 60 = 248.2

Veteran Upgrade: (350+150) /0.975/2 ) + 60 = 316.4
Fertilization: (500+50) /0.975/2 ) + 75 = 357.4
Decarbonization: (350+150) /0.975/2 ) + 60 = 316.4

Age4: (Most of player complains it too slow now)
Elite Upgade: (1000 + 150) / 1.088/2 + 60 = 588.5
Precision Cross-Breeding: (1000 + 50) / 1.088/2 + 75 = 557.5
Damascus Steel: (500+ 150) / 1.088/2 + 60 = 358.7
Chemistry: (1000+ 450) / 1.088/2 + 90 = 756.3

Follow that formula suggestion unique tech for Delhi:
Age 1 tech: 150 total res, 30s X = 130
Age 2 tech: 300 total res, 45s X = 218.8
Age 3 tech: 600 total res, 60s X = 367.7
Age 4 tech: 1200 total res, 90s X = 641.4

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in Delih, the reduction is exponential for each scholar housed, in the madrasah there is room for 20 scholars, which avoids having to build several mosques. For example if I want to research chemistry, with 12 scholars, it takes 22m30s that I divide by 1.125 ^ 12 which gives 22.5 / 1.125 ^ 12 = 5.47, that is 5 m with 28 s. If I build 2 madrasas that time is practically half.

in the transmission they commented that the less strong technologies had their time reduced, the research time was increased for the strongest technologies, but the formula I gave you is the same

Other civs spend 1000 res and 1.5s to upgrade, you spend 1275 - 12150 (Landmark is an option) = 900 or 1800 for 5.5 sec? in 4 mins idle you are not lose?

Let’s see how many scholars you need to take down the tech 22.5 to 1.5 like other civs? ~ 23 scholars = 1700 or 3400 gold. And each scholar is 45s = 0.75.

I just prove that now Age 4 tech from Delhi is too slow and useless because you already lose or win. Devs calculate based on age and time and they just messed up

with dome of faith scholars cost 75 gold, 12 scholars cost you 900 gold, other civs with only 4 smithing tech cost them 500 in feudal and 1000 in castles, not counting mills, logging and mining camps . Therefore, the system is very good, also in this patch they reduced the research time of some, they only increased one technology, which is the fourth age, very strong.

I think you were not clear on how to calculate the formula, I am a mathematician so I had no problem the formula is: time/(1.125^scholars), check it 22m with 30 seconds is 22.5 minutes, you calculate in minutes and then with the rule of three you calculate how many seconds give, 5.47 minutes is 5 minutes and 28 seconds.

You should see the truth is in the tournament now. Delhi is 0% pick on a land map in 1-1 either open or close map (Winter series cup) and 0% pick on team game land map (Aoe4 pro league). So you still think it’s a good system now?

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if people knew the formula they would understand it, and few of the professionals invest properly in scholars, the numbers are clear while the others consume gold you don’t, I gave you the example that 12 scholars cost 900 gold, enough to have technologies of Imperial era in less than 6 minutes, with two madrasas it is practically 3 minutes. Those are the data that support my assertions. The game takes a short time and they still don’t understand the meta. I just bought the game and I hope to reach the top.

Ofc you are right with your formula and data but you are wrong with the meta now. Do not see the theory, only see the real game, the tournament. 0% pick on the land map proves that the research time now is too slow. Other people said because it’s free? Actually, it’s not free, you spend gold or wood to build other mosques and idle time to buy scholar to pay back.
Another thing you mention is “Dome of faith”. It’s a landmark so it’s just optional. AOE4 now push player playing only one style landmark because of their failing balance

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I’ll give you an example forestry 25 + 50, double ax 75 + 175, mining 75 + 175, survival 50 + 100, in total 725 is invested in resources. Instead with Delih, the mosque is free because you start with 200 wood, 3 scholars cost 225 gold, and according to the formula I gave you if it takes 3m with 30 seconds it is calculated 3.5/(1.125^3)= 2.54, that is 2 minutes and 27 seconds that you will have all those technologies by investing 225 gold. I reiterate the game is new and not even the professionals know the true “meta”, look at how they play and you will see that they do not invest properly. The statistics now are subjective, the Chinese were put last before, and now they had to reduce the damage, you understand!

Please do not see the theory again and again. The professionals make the meta, you should understand that. So how to explain 0% pick Delhi on the land map? About Chinese still decent civs, they only neft FL which is so broken on Team game. Statistics from tournaments always are the real truth.

I do not agree with you, when Delih is the meta you will agree with me, let’s hope

Let’s see the next tournament’s Winter championship.

well, then I hope to rise to the top and prove them otherwise, if God gives me life!

I believe this formula is incorrect… I tried in game with 18 scholars for example and got 105 seconds for Piety. I put 675 / 1.125 ^ 18 into the address bar and got 81.
Even with 1 scholar, your formula would give 600 but it’s really 598.

ok, you have a better formula, if my formula fails you by 2 seconds in imperial age!

Okay, be that way. I am just pointing out that your formula is inaccurate. If you’re a mathematician then aren’t you intrigued as to why?

I would love to come across a formula for this that gives timing that I could add to my personal aoe spreadsheet! I have 1-18 written down but I stopped there for some reason…

that is programmed with the c++ language, so it is not exact, but at least my deduction is close.

Yea maybe it does not follow a specific formula. I tried entering the values on some tools and they could not figure out a formula for it either…

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1.1274+1.125+1.1228 these are the coefficients for 3, 6 and 9. I recommend you use the average at 1.1233, after 11 scholars you use 1.12