[Suggestion] Disallow buildings too close to enemy TC

For AOE IV, my main and very fervent wish, is to have the feature that AOM and AOE 3 both have, which is to disallow building military buildings too close to enemy TCs. The main thing I dislike about AOE2, is the CONSTANT forward building of overpowered castles in my economy. It is an extremely popular tactic, especially at ‘average’ levels, because it is extremely damaging and extremely hard to stop. And, if you do stop it, the game is often heavily in your favor because you killed a bunch of the enemy villagers. In other words, it makes an otherwise good game end abruptly. I know people like doing it because it can result in an easy win even when you are behind, or if you have even slightly better military numbers, or if the opponent is out of position or doesnt notice it in time. (Which he won’t if you use enough villagers to build it, it goes up super quickly).

I want to play and win with units, not buildings. Buildings should be a defensive, not offensive unit.


Proxys or Forwards are a legitimate strat in many RTS titles. I wouldn’t want what you are suggesting in AOE4.


Same. Peopke already complain aoe2 is too defensive and this guy wants to nerf legitimate offensive strategies


Why break the gameplay? Buildings can’t move, you can easy use artillery to take them down.
Or learn to scout to kill the very weak workers.

It’s a very bad idea to design games in favor of casuals who can’t properly play games.
AoE4 needs free deep and complex base build, or it will end just straight up as another failure.


Mate as long as castle is not on ur gold its a useless forward building, even then just move gold vils somewhere else. dont engage with it. He wasted so much time collecting stone then ideal vils sending forward etc you should imp first, buy stone for castle and treb it :slight_smile:

Someones is building a castle near of your tc…
If you are not blind you can see this castle and you can kill vills and he can’t build castle.
Oh,enemy is succesful at build a castle,then build a castle on the front of enemy castle,it is another good strategy.
Or spam infantry,you know they have a bonus aganist buildings(if you make arsonist upgrade,they are more powerful)

Siege weapons,another strategy aganist buildings

You can see there is a lot of strategy to stop this,it isn’t a problem imo.

Totally agree, tower rush is the most disgusting strat in a RTS (Warcraft, SC age2) the game was not designed to play this way, that is why I love about coh,coh2 you cannot do tower rush tactics… age of empires 4 should be modern and forget about 1998… If you make a age2 clone yes age2 fan la will play it for same days then they will leave because is the same game even if they say the contrary… It happened in sc2 I played after 2 months I left it is the same sc1 but worse super simple game play… that’s is why coh is a superior RTS you have cover, suppression, accuracy, front- rear armor, units with IA reacting to environment, I don’t want to play the same age2 again… I am an old fan (33) I played a lot of age 2 but people coming we are in 2020 !

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