Suggestion: Do not lose/win elo if a player disconnects before 1 minute

As the title says, if you or your opponent disconnects before 1 minute, you don’t lose ELO. Doesn’t count if you resign/quit.

This is not my favourite map, just resign and quit and re-queue.

I think there is this thing in team games but I am not really sure.

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This still happens, if you DC or something you still lose ELO, this might lead to people losing tons of ELO in just hours, I hope some devs take a loot at this…

Its intentional. The game had a grace period when it was first launched but it got patched in May-20.

People would quit in the first minute all the time (map they dont like, civ they dont like, opponents they dont like). You can find lots of topics complaining about it here.

If you are losing tons of ELO because of DC in just hours, perhaps you should look into whats causing the DC instead of jumping back into queue?


I think he wants to complain aboiut smurfs who use this to get matched against noobs again. Well clearly he does not know about family accs 11

Makes no sense if this is the reason. Smurfs can wait 2 minutes instead of 1, right? And who cares about TG Elo anyway? 11

It used to be like this and many players abused it to dodge any opponent stronger than them. It got removed for a reason. If you look at the rules from hidden cup 3 you’ll noticed that anybody who did that is banned from any tournament showing it was done at the highest level.