[Suggestion] Enable saved game to be loaded into Editor

Hello devs,

This is a suggestion thread to add one new feature in the scenario editor.

A long time ago, an awesome modder made an unofficial improvement on the base editor that added many features to it. Some of these features are available now in DE but some others aren’t.
What i suggest to add is this:

  • Ability to load a saved game in the editor.

Currently it is not possible to load anything other than saved scenario made in the editor. With this new option, we would be able to use assests that are other wise difficult to retrieve in the editor, for example the new skins. To use them, we could just load a save game where the skin was used. As far as i know, there is otherwise no way to use the skins on the editor.

The unofficial mod:

Age of Empires 3 Heaven :: New AoE3 Editor XY (version 3) (heavengames.com)

but this is not compatible with the def ed

That program not, but if the modders were able to, then it is possible even for DE.