Suggestion: Ending-Age "Revolution/Independence"

“Added an Ending Age option to skirmish and casual multiplayer game settings which allows you to cap the Age to which you can advance during a match.”

This is a good addition to the game, but you missed out on a great opportunity here:
Adding “Revolution” or “Independence” as “Ending Age” would allow for treaty games with only Revolutions instead of Imperial-Age. Revolutions are definetly stronger then Industrial age but different from Imperial age, so they deserve their own option.
I think this kind of match would really be fun. USA & Hungary fighting against Finnland & Mexico etc.

Some of the new Revolutions can even compete with Imperial-Age-civs in Treaty, but most players dont realize this yet (people tend to flame me when I take a Mexico-, Romania- or USA-deck in treaty games). So having a Treaty-mode where EVERYBODY is forced to go Revolution instead of Imperial Age would take that kind of worry away and allow people to get more used to the new Revolutions.
More people playing the new Revolutions would also allow more people to test out their strengths, weaknesses, buggs and balance-issues, and thereby helping to perfect them.

Your new Revolutions are awesome and I would love to see more people embrace them.
Everything that allows to shift more awareness towards them would be a good idea imho.


The problem with that is that everyone would just just South Africans, since it’s pretty much the only viable Revolution at long term

I think “problem” is exaggerated.

Tbh I dont think SA would be superior (except for VERY long matches), but thats exactly what I mean: If we could test it out more, we could find out and balance-issues could be addressed.

Even if the Balance were all over the place, the OPTION to do some Revo-matches wouldnt hurt.
I am sure there are some civs that are stronger then others if the match only goes up to Industrial, Fortress or Commerce.
So why not have the option for ending-age “Revolution”?

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Options for unranked games are always nice to have. It doesn’t matter if they are balanced. I mean only Europeans have revolutions but why not, the option doesn’t hurt anyone.

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