[Suggestion] Extended Tooltip/Tech Tree info with Mouse hover + Modifier key

I love all the unit stats on offer such as for their different weapon types, I just really wish I could hover and hold down a modifier key to extend the info panel ingame & at the tech tree to glance and quickly interpret the information, rather than having that information hidden unless my units are actively charging or throwing torches or the like.

Those of you have played Dota 2 will be familiar with this system, where the modifier key is Alt and will provide extended tooltip info (inserted as new rows of information in an enlarged tooltip) both in-game when hovering over hero actions, items, and stats, and the same functionality is recreated in the main menu info panels on heroes/items (the Dota equivalent to the AoE tech tree, in other words).

Because this infodump is opt-in and active over very brief intervals, the greater screen real estate being gobbled up by panels of all the different weapon or unit stats is much more tolerable, and indeed permissible!

Hope you folks have a lovely holiday season, take care!