Suggestion for Safe Delete - Making it customizable unit/building types wise

So, Safe Delete, is in a position of being “life saving” in some circumstances, while making it inefficient elsewhere.

Instead of requiring confirmation for all the current cases, I suggest making a pop-up, or even a dedicated tab, for Safe Delete, where players can pick the types of units/buildings they want to have Safe Delete on.

For example: :white_check_mark: Villagers, :negative_squared_cross_mark: Fishing Ships, :negative_squared_cross_mark: Military Units, :white_check_mark: TCs, :negative_squared_cross_mark: Economic Buildings, :negative_squared_cross_mark: Military Buildings, :negative_squared_cross_mark: Walls&Gates

Or maybe even a full list of units/buildings.


In addition it might be useful to have an exception for partially build foundations. My biggest problems with Safe Delete are with castle-foundations which are <10% completed.

Most of my problems with unintended deletes are due to it being hard to select tiles of wall, so I’ll accidentally delete a vill I’ve walled in etc. I don’t see how safe delete can help there, but maybe someone else can suggest a solution.


I recently mapped “select all tc’s”. Guess what happened… 11

Yes it would be great, in particular for Tc’s, castles and villagers.

I like it :slight_smile:

Would be nice to have, but not particularly needed. I think i turned off save delete because it was even prompting when deleting walls/gates on Arena e.g.

You just made the case for why it is needed. If you’re gonna implement a feature then do it right and don’t create some additional dilemmas.

And if you can’t make it variable, then only let the feature work for the most important elements.

Well i agree. I just dont see it as something important.
But by all means it could be improved.

From the top of the head - towers should not be included into safe delete. Or AT LEAST it shouldn’t include foundations of towers.

When you tower rush or tower defend very often you change the position of an initial tower. Having this safe-deletion pop-up in that intense moment is truly unnecessary.