Suggestion - Gaia should use a dedicated player color palette, instead of P7

Was watching the Age Royale games.
You can’t tell if it’s a Gaia building/unit or if it’s occupied by player 7, when there’re a big amount of Gaia buildings/units on the field.


Well…personally, I have never been too much bothered by the gray-white coloring of Gaia. It always made sense too, given that Gaia units (such as sheep and herdables) can be “colored over” by other players, who have the other colors of the rainbow. I think that Gaia should remain as “white”

As for P7 color being also “gray-white”…probably the best solution to this that I can think of is to make P7 a black color or a gray-black color.

When watching some of T90’s YouTube videos and the YouTube videos of other AoE gamers…I have noticed that some players who played P7 actually had black-colored units. Now, whether this was a AoE2 HD mod or not, I am not sure. I never could find in in the HD mod workshop on Steam. The black coloring though I really though looked cool, and it might work out with making P7 color identification different enough from Gaia’s color identification.

Spring colors mod

It was an event mod

For AoE2 DE or AoE2 HD?

AOE2 DE, It was an event mod. Like the gold cannons etc or the math formula

There are several colour template mods in DE, but the problem remains: If you change the colour of Player 7, the Gaia colour is changed, too. Most times, it is not of much importance; only sometimes you cannot see, if your starting sheep are already converted or not.
But now in this Battle Royale mode, it would be great, if they introduced a nineth colour…