[Suggestion] had a favorite color option in profile tab

As title says, we could have a player number/color selected to prioritize that color when we look for a ranked match using the matchmaking tool. Maybe even have a secondary color in case first is taken. Just an idea to expand on


This is a good idea, I really got used to the orange that I normally use and I do tend to get confused sometimes if another player has orange.

Yeah, I’m used to use green since longer than I can remember. Even when I play with my friends each has a color of choice

I would be happy to be able to pick my favourite color in ranked, not just a 50/50 chance blue or red.
and if my teammate or enemy got this color then get a second favourite one or a random color.
i will be very happy to see that, thank you.

sincerely, Tachanka.


Good suggestion, I agree. If I may recommend something quickly on the side? If you create more threads, it would help users if your thread title had more info in it, so people knew what your suggestion is, generally speaking, before clicking into your thread for more detail. Headlines like that are helpful for us all :slight_smile:

I’ve always wanted better control over player colors in AoE, and this would be a step in right direction

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Maybe they could let us pick the color of our icon to.

If i want to pick a Purple Karambit Warrior i don’t see any problem with it.

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It’s a good suggestion. +1

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Better yet, pick your color for yourself as well as for your opponent, the game doesn’t have to show the same colors in both clients, as evidenced by the already existing friend/foe colors feature.