Suggestion - Have AI that can either do your economy or your military

Simple suggestion, now that the AI is so good, separate the 2 roles (economy + villager management, army control) and allow them to play alongside the player. So in effect, we can either decide to:

A. Play the game normally

B. Focus on creating the base

C. Focus on fighting the enemy

Casualize the game please, thanks

Maybe ask

What about no. Sorry.


That would ruin the game. Don’t play ranked if you can’t beat the super good players like I do most of the time. AI helping you play would mess the game up totally.

Play some fun scenario or some chill treaty game.

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There really is nothing better than a good treaty game against the Hard AI especially when you do it with Ultra-High resources and do something fun like a Goth flood. I got 1240 kills in a treaty game as Franks recently.

I definitely don’t want this in ranked or quickplay, but it may be good option for custom lobbies or singleplayer for more casual players.

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Yeah, let’s automate everything. No need to play anymore.

If it wasn’t obvious, heavy sarcasm.

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Don’t support idea in general for multiplayer, would be nice if AI could use it’s micro skills to stop villagers doing idiotic things that you do not want them to do (moonwalk back and forth in front of tree for 30 seconds trying to find where they dropped axe or whatever they are doing) - but I don’t think that is ever going to get fixed, and AI not required here just better pathfinding

For skirmish I do not care if they let you play co-op mode with AI, but if you aren’t absolutely horrible at the game I think it would be frustrating and boring, it would probably screw up anything you tried to do and then conga line your villagers into a castle so it can complain about hills around TC and boars being too strong

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