[Suggestion] How to fix Age of Siege

everyone familiar now with that the only way to counter massed siege is to mass siege your own
i have a suggestion about it which will force players to make other units aside from siege
solution is simply to cap how many bombards / mangonels / nest of bees you can make
you already have the code written just reuse it (imperial official cap)
id say something around 4-5 each sounds okay for start
other then that game will continue to be siege vs siege in end game
like siege is so tanky you dont have to make any other unit then siege
mangonels,springal,bombards spam is such a broken combo, especially with civs that have increased range & reload speed
have a good day

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I’m not personally a fan of capping anything, Age of Empires 3 did this with units and towers and aside from the controversial home city mechanic was the only thing I truly hated about 3, I always loved building a wall completely lined with towers in age 2, I hated being limited in 3.

I feel bombards simply need to have a 50% health reduction, as right now it feels like they’re a moving barracks in terms of how long it takes to torch them and springalds and culverin need to outrange bombards, by way of decreasing bombard range or increasing springalds and culverin I’ll leave up to you all to decide.

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buffing anti siege works both sides, that why i added springald
which means the bombard spammer will spam springalds to counter your springalds/culvs
back to square 0

Culverins should have more range than springalds inherently tho, otherwise what’s the point of them, I’ve been thinking culverins need a serious buff for a while tbh

Edit: part of the reason the bombards being able to kill anti siege is such a problem, at least for me, is that they can kill your walls/ troops while also killing your anti siege, people wouldn’t bring their bombards into anti siege range and therefore wall range if they know anti siege can hit them first. This would encourage more trebuchets and things to be used also, maybe even a siege tower!


Totally agree with you on that.
Also bombards are way too mobile for their size.
I think that reducing both health and speed is a great option.
And also change pyrotechnics so it doesn’t affect bombards.

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Capping is just not nice, because it will ruin Team Games. If you have a team with proper coordination, specially pro (we have some, will have more in the future), you can have armies that work as one. This way, one player can build 90% siege and 10% protection for the siege, and the other players build the other necessary parts of said army.

You could build different caps, that’s true, but then another problem is created, which is dividing the player base even further. As the rules get different, people just won’t be that comfortable to play something that it’s not what they are used to be. They can play, but is way less likely.

Let’s wait for february if there’s something there that will help this situation, though.

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We shouldn’t have to wait a whole month between patches grumbles

I can see the arguments against bombard cannons being so strong. I think it’s a valid game design approach to avoid late game units being completely OP against earlier units. But I also think the opposite is valid, and is more like real life. The development of military tech in real life basically has a main objective of developing totally OP equipment that cannot be countered. There is a lot of gameplay to get through to have a mass of bombard cannons. If you find yourself facing a large mass of bombard cannons that you can’t counter, you really need to ask yourself where you went wrong in the game to get into that position. A big lesson from history in real life is you cannot allow yourself to become significantly behind someone who could attack you, either in terms of tech or numbers.

it not about being behind or late , both sides have same massed siege which result to a boring game
making other units useless in end game
siege is so tanky the least thing they can do is nerf it hp and buff culvs range & reload speed

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Not a fan of capping. My main complaint is that all siege is too fast. Yuan Dynasty bombards have some serious horsepower. It’s silly.

Tone that down and I’ll be happy, it’s that simple.