[Suggestion] how to fix the map pool

It seems that no matter what the Devs do to fix the map pool there will always be a decent chunk of people unhappy about it.

Here is a suggestion on how to tackle this

  • Increase the map pool from 6 maps to at least 9 maps
  • the 2 Most “banned maps” each month should be automatically removed / 2 new maps added instead
  • Map pool for DM must be different than RM
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Simplest and most democratic fix is instead of map bans allow users to select all the maps they are willing to play instead of maps bans. Naturally if you want a game quicker you can select all maps.

If for whatever reason the devs want users to play maps they don’t like, do it with incentives instead of forcing us. If MS sponsors a big team Islands tournament, the pros and other players will practice team islands. The streamers will stream it and people will watch and play it. Or you can change the ELO system to award players who play on maps that they don’t normally use. For example if you win on a map that represents less than 10% of your games played maybe it can have a multiplayer affect on points so you get 1.2x. Bottom line don’t ■■■■■■■ force us to play maps we don’t like. Do it voluntarily with incentives.

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