[Suggestion] * HRE Reignitz landmark update

As an HRE main I suggest the following changes for the landmark.

  • gold per relic: 300 → 200
  • effect change: relic now always give 200 gold regardless where they are stored

this change would allow HRE players to store relics in docks and keeps to make more use of their unique abillity as this is now not an option.

I’m not sure if this is the way to go. HRE is highly reliant on relics. Civs all have a form of (semi-)passive economy for late stages: Guilt Hall, English Farms. Although some factions have some eco bonus that is not completely save in their base (e.g. trade for Mongol and Abbasid) it at least is a way to have, maintain or gain this economic path in the (later stages of a) match.

HRE as seemingly an exception to this does not have this. Prelates, besides their bug, works wonders early but simply cannot compete with the omnipotent passive economic abillities factions get in the late game: HRE uses relics to compete in this field.

However, relics are not so passive. People actively battle for them. Once taken they are gone, only to be gained when the game is nearing its end anyway. HRE not getting these relics is excessively detrimental to, well, their entire economy and thus their match. Everything they do needs severe levels of gold; from their unique MAA (and MAA upgrades), to their landsknecht and even the prelate himself.

Unlike other factions, there is not really any economic path HRE can walk when relics are not an option. One of the reason the Rus fast castle warrior monks are such a detriment to the winrate of HRE. This applies even stronger in team games as the amount of relics is set to 1 per player + 3, giving fewer average relics per player when the amount of players increase.

Although I agree relic juggling can be a pain, I’de also argue having a lot of relics can be insanely strong. But instead I’d focus on giving HRE at least some option if relics are not an option. Perhaps garrison prelates in the Cathedral for a bonus aura? Or a small passive income per tick or per worker in influence? Currently HRE feels like a war machine without fuel when relics are not there for late(r) game stages.