[Suggestion] Idle scholar button for Delhi Sultanate

Hi. This isn’t a bug here but I’m not sure which sub-forum to put this in.

But I think an idle scholar number on the UI for Delhi would be useful. We should be able to click on it to find the idle scholars…

I say this because there can be a lot of scholars hanging around doing nothing, particularly late game. An idle scholar button can help with finding out scholars who have been trained but are not garrisoned/ out in the field to heal units.

Scholars out in the field should still count as idle if they aren’t healing, but at least you’ll know they aren’t really slacking.

Since the scholar is as important to the Sultanate as the villager, there should be a way to make sure they are working.


Hey good point. Sad its still an issue after so many time (hello beta testers from months ago, yes it was reported back in the day).

Monk / prelate / scholar idle logic