Suggestion: Improve End Game Statistics

Many aspects of the game has seen some changes and improvement over the years. Maybe it has been mentioned by other players before, I feel that there are a lot of potential to add more interesting and meaningful stats. Something like TC idle time by Age, No. of time getting housed, Map control% etc.

I really hope the dev can consider making improvement to this area of the game.


You’re indeed right that various ideas to expand the statistics section have been proposed already. Even some simple ones like getting to know what your most trained soldier was would be cool to have.

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We also need an EPM or Effective Actions per Minute counter. So we can prioritized where we are lacking in terms of micro or even macro.

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I find the AOE 3 DE statistics to be quite useful (separate graphs for villager population, military population, number of idle villagers, resources collected over time, etc.). These detailed statistics help to diagnose problems in play style/strategy (whether one’s own or the AI’s).

I would love to have something similar in AOE 2 DE. The current graph is both not detailed enough and rather hard to read with any sort of precision. For example, an increase in your villager “count” on the graph could be because you have more villagers or because the total population has gone down (which could be for a host of reasons).

I think more detailed graphs would also help newcomers to multiplayer as you can get a lot of information much faster by looking at the graphs than you can by watching your own replays. Comparing one’s own graphs to those of the AI and better players also helps one to see where one needs to improve.


I would suggest that rather than integrating some fixed statistics, the game would export all the relevant data in a public format. With that data sites like and community developed applications would be able to produce interesting and useful overviews without relying on the core development team to add these features.


The developers will not know unless we tell them. And maybe some day they will pay for it even if it’s free future games. :cowboy_hat_face:

I think that it is important to have this in game as this makes it more accessible and this will make such features more broadly known. Both of these things are important for new players.

Also, since the recorded games have been out for a while and there is not such a detailed analysis available via a mod or a website (from what I have been able to find; and, does not seem to provide the detail that I am looking for), it seems that either the data is not in these recordings (as your comment implies) or requires enough skill to process that not enough people in the community who have such skill are interested in pursuing this.

Either way, this would require the devs to put in some effort in order to be able to have these useful statistics accessible for both technically inclined and non-technically inclined players. We might as well suggest the different things that would be useful so that they can gauge both the community desire and the actual difficulty of implementing such a feature. Certainly, some parts of such an implementation are going to be easier than others, but we don’t actually know which parts are which as a lot depends on the internal architecture of the code.

I think the community has already proven itself to have inovative, driven and talented people who make amazing tools. From the various mods, to sites such as, in some ways CatpureAge as well.

The problem with the current available recordings, as used by aoe2insight, is that they contain only actions. There is a ton of available information out there, from documentation and libraries that people can use to read this data. However, without the game - the engine that would run these actions, only some aspects of the game can be extracted. A secondary data package, containing not actions but game states, would give a lot of additional valuable information.

While a basic ingame statistics is required, it will be very hard to incorporate all the valuable information that we might imagine over time. Perhaps a compromise would be a MOD interface for implementing “Game overview/statistics” mods.