Suggestion: Infinite Sohei for Japan in age IV

I would really like to have an infinite Sohei shipment like 15 to 20 Sohei for 1000 to 1500 gold or so … especially since japan doesn’t have much infinite in age IV. China got their inf. 10 rattan shields, India got chakrams and war elephants… No big balance idea or argumentation behind - just personal preference.


Yeah they can only send something like 40 unit cards. It’s not nearly enough


The issue is that japan has daymios, not need for them

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They have 120 possible military population and giving them this shipment would make them very powerful.

What I would do is that this card, in addition to the current benefits, enable the sending of 5 Sohei for all future shipments. (cumulative limit of 10). So the 300 infinite crate send will have an added value, and you can have the infinite native send that I think all civilizations should have.


@ScalierCactus96, A lot of civs have a lot of unit cards, even without digging into the “infinite” aspect.

@Ekdal1378 if your point is that it could be used to run around and drop sohei with daimyos - well there are already a bunch of unit cards to do so.

@OperaticShip743 Why should that shipment make them *more powerful? If its about going over pop cap - this can/could be achieved much more effective with the other 2x unit cards - especially with the 15 Ronin shipment which effectively allows to go on 259 pop (since each Ronin costs 4 and you need one left to send the shipment.

I don’t think it would make *any difference in balance as long as the shipment itself is designed like the other infinite native shipments. Japan, as it had already been pointed out, got enough unit shipments for balance purposes and they neither lack something mechanically which would be filled that way, nor it would increase any of their strengths significantly IMHO.

For me its just about flavor and symmetry between civs.

in the lategame, the raw numbers of units that you can consistently pump out and maintain matters more then the pop neccessarily, so you can consistently outnumber the opponent.

japan, having already higher millitary pop means that in the given situation is already likely to outnumber their opponents, only held back somewhat by the cost of their units and relative fragility of their eco.

giving them the infinite shipment means they will definitely outnumber the opponent and their units have stronger stats, which makes it pretty strong.

to have some context, the other civs that have comparable military pop are china and dutch, they have infinite native shipments but have their own drawbacks.

china has weaker individual units, can’t build individually(so their pop is not perfectly consistent)

dutch have a very gold dependant eco and units( which is expensive), slower units if you maxed out eco and outside of infantry, their upgrades are lacking

japan has lots of eco upgrades, strong units, aura buffs, mobile barracks and castles so they take a hit in the infinite shipment area


Yes it is. You are looking for a infinite shipment of >15 units,cthats not the same as 6 naginatas for example. Japan has the best natives of all 3 asians: 2 HC cards, siege infantry card, golden pavillion and daimios auras. Also they get faster shipments after a consulate tech.

Giving them a no pop cost card would let them to just train a lot of units from daimios and then 15 more units at the same time. Not a good idea

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I didn’t realise that even the infinite shipments don’t cost any pop… my bad…
Now I can understand your and the other posters concerns^^

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