[SUGGESTION] Let Goths have +10 pop from the start

It might be too late since Goths might be getting different bonus in the upcoming patch, but as an alternative I would like to suggest Goths getting their +10 population bonus from the start of the game (and without needing to make buildings to use the pop).
This would essentially mean Goths would skip making their first two houses, having similar start to Huns at the very beggining of the game.

The idea is to give Goths a working economic bonus without doing too much. My suggestion would help the Goths in the early stage of the game when they need it the most, without making too many changes. It would also make the bonus list for Goths rather simple to understand.


Interesting, but how do you know this, though? o.O


Can you link it here the source of this info?

The exact upcoming patch is unconfirmed and I have edited the post so I don’t spread misinformation

Well the free loom is great, fits along with giving htem platte barding armour…


Yeah don’t worry, I was just curious, it doesn’t matter if it’s not correct.
However it would be like the old aztec’s bonus, on them was op combined with the other bonuses, (more carrying vills and faster producing military) but on the goth could be balanced.

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Of course if they get free loom, they don’t get +10pop on their TC?

Right, I wouldn’t do both. I would be worried about free Loom actually, seeing how it once already failed with Aztecs. It might be different with Goths, we will see…

It wo be even worse with goth and their cheaper millitia

Goths are already one of the strongest civs.

Aztecs have also good early economy and faster working military buildings. Goths dont have this, so i think it will be not as broken. Also with free loom and their hunting bonus they will can hunt boar with maybe 5 vills and this mean they have one more on other resource and they save loom reaserch, so they can up faster.
But maybe good idea will be -50 gold on start.

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You can already get Boar with 4 Vills, as Goths, with no damage, quite a few times.

Y that’s why they have been top tier picks in ALL tourneys during the past 20 years… oh, wait…

In case you didn’t notice Goths have 20% faster barracks. And Loom from start means they can use their starting vills to actually lame enemy boars - just lure them a bit with scout, then send some vills over and gather the boar at literally zero risk.
I doubt this is a good change. I also considered this bonus to be added to my goth design but I decided against it due to the reason above.
Toxicity level for Goths is rising again…

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I’m surprised with this whole laming deal. Wouldn’t the wasted time with your villagers walking across the map cancel the benefits of laming?

No really, athat is a lot of Food you are denying the otehr guy, in the long run. By Feudal, he will feel it.

But then why bother with this gimmicky laming technique? Just use your scout and bring the boar right below your TC.

Goth Vills do a lot of damage to Boar, so just killing the other guy’s Boar away from his TC, will do him a lof damage. You will not only delay his Feudal, but perhaps delay his entire game plan, and always over-tech him.

No. If +10 pop from the start, Goths will easily beat all other civs in 1v1 post-imperial DM games. I think just changing +10 pop limit from imperial age to +10% is OK.


Then it looks no different than a classic palissade square lame, and I would rather be Viet than Goths for this.

Man, it’s true that everyone forgets about DM in balance threads 11