[SUGGESTION] Let Goths have +10 pop from the start

Indeed and it should not be.

Even though I’m sure there are some who think that. :neutral_face:


Obvously you can’t change one thing without the other…

Because this requires micro and scout time. Luring a boar all over the map with a scout is not that easy and requires a lot of attention. If you just bring over 4 vills somewhere in the middle of the map to take over the boar from the scout 1) you don’t loose that much villager time and 2) the scout can continue to search for rush targets.

This will not affect all ELOs of course, but it certainly is possible and I’m sure it’s not healthy. Also, the ■■■■■■ Castle Age is still not adressed with the loom change. Only their drush was made even stronger.
Not sure what’s the point of this is tbh… To me it looks like they ran out of ideas and this was the most conservative change they could’ve thought of.