Suggestion : let the game continue when opponent have resigned


Here is a story that often happens to me, and I guess to all players of this beautiful game.

All that game, you have been defending, with skills and passion, while booming behind like Daut in a team game. Your enemies have tried, again and again, to force the doors but you have hold. Imperial age is coming in a second, your caserns, workshops are up and they are spamming units as never.

The time has come. YOUR time has come. The time to destroy all that hideous color taking half of your land. The time has come to finally crush your enemy.


Yes, ZBRAAAAM. Your opponent resign before even a fight for his village, letting you alone, with your beautiful army and your frustration, and the game is over even before the fun begin. Do you reconize yourself in that story ?

So here is my suggestion : once the game is over, once opponents have resigned, let the remaining players continue the game as long as they wish. Let them destroy every building remaining with their flood of rams. Let them kill every remaining units, showing no mercy.

I would personaly enjoy a lot.

Many thanks, again, for making this game better and better.


All that matters is who wins and who loses, not how.
Your opponent resigned? Good! He just saved you some time.

He probably wants to break the standard “Code of Honor” every civilization (including Mongols) follows in AOE2 and continue to massacre the peasants of a relinquished and surrendered kingdom, until the blood from the last one flows out the edge of the world.

TBH I’d love doing that


Just make a scenario for that, or play against AI and stop them from resigning with a taunt.


I like it, this did blizzard with StarCraft 2

Totally in support of that.
This would work naturally if we allow AI to take over resigning/disconnected players. You will actually get some decent resistance while doing it. If one player disconnects or resigns in 4v4, the team should still get a fighting chance in holding.
I also would enjoy finally massing those champs and destroying his TCs…


Man sometimes it’s fun to crush the crap out of a giant army. I don’t think condensing it down to “No bad because win quicker” is quite the point.