Suggestion list for people who resist Auto queue

Trust me, you like it or not, the actual retold game won’t have auto queue. I’m happy with that :smiling_face:

Point 4 is this meaning.

Ok i delete my comment

People have been saying to get rid of the Norse soldier build mechanic?

Thats a key integral part of that pantheon. I’d frankly be a bit shocked if they did that. But I get the premise I suppose.


I am not a big fan of villagers auto-Q… I will forget to stop it after a settlement is built and end up with dozens of useless peasants. I am happy for other people to use it of course, but is there an option somewhere to switch it off for me? (EDIT: Nevermind, found the option)

On the other hand, I can’t see how to auto-Q soldiers, which is a feature I always use in EE. I have tried long-click, double-click, right-click, but nothing seems to switch on auto-Q in my barracks?

You have to enable military auto queue in the lobby settings.

You can enable and disable it by right clicking it.
You can also auto queue multiple units at once. Not sure yet how they will be prioritised.

You can also auto queue Greek heroes or other limited units, they will train as soon as they can.

You can also auto queue technologies. That will queue them automatically as soon as you have the necessary resources.
Very convenient if you want a tech but you are missing like 20 resources and you don’t want to wait the 5 seconds until some villager drops it off.

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High apm players with below average (for their rank) micro and non-proactive gameplay are worried mechanically good/gifted players with good gamesense and smart ideas, could win against them, not having the same apm…
It is nothing but gate-keeping very honestly.

I mean, having trained yourself at muscle memory for years and being able to pull the piano playing button smashing off and then this partly gets replaced and you actually have to win through micro-management in fights, strategic choices and OUTPLAYING your oponent and not just out-spamming him, must be frustrating for some players, which I can understand and is valid.
Nonetheless, it is unfair to deny the gamefun of all these people who DO wish the auto-qeueue.

I am 100% sure the community would grow with villger- and military autoq.


What auto queue? Are you talking about the setting that plays half the game for you or is their a way to toggle specific unit creation like in the original?