[SUGGESTION] Lock Mousewheel Zoom - Make New Option

I’ve observed players who struggle to not roll the mousewheel while they’re playing… and so as they try to play the game, the view zooms in while they’re trying to do mouseclicks and such. So then they have to mousewheel zoom out when they get a chance. When you’re micro-managing/multi-tasking so much in this game, while getting attacked… the last thing you should have to worry about is the zoom clicking in a few clicks while you’re trying to manage stuff, and then have zoom out when you’re able. Seen it happen many times in a game.

Since humans are designed differently, and for Accessibility reasons (there could be a plethora of reasons why someone might struggle to not accidentally scroll the mousewheel), could a “Lock Zoom” checkbox be added to the Options menu?

They can just clear their zooming hotkeys, so that no key activates this functionality and they will always remain at their chosen default zoom level.
They could also set their zooming hotkeys to keys, that they won’t accidentally press.


Thanks! That’s a band-aid workaround that only someone reading this thread will know to try, but at least it’s a workaround. So, my suggestion still remains :slight_smile:

I had a similar request

Thanks for sharing, but am afraid that’s not the same, as you likely know. It wouldn’t alleviate the issue I mentioned, sadly. In my examples, a min and max range would still lead to the errant zooming I mentioned.

However, if you could set the min and max values to be equal (the same value), though, the zoom would, essentially, be locked there, I suppose. That would solve.

I don’t personally need min/max values or a mousewheel lock, but if it helps others, then I’m okay with them and a proponent. User interface-wise, to have a mousewheel lock, the better way to implement would be to have a checkbox toggle to lock the wheel. Doing the min/max vals as equal to lock instead would be far less intuitive for users, and would feel like a band-aid workaround that very few would stumble upon.

I’ll be more honest and say with one of the viewing experiences I had, I know the person who has the issue I described and they communicated the frustration with it and then I watched a game they were in and saw firsthand what a pain it was for them. I would be pretty frustrated if I had that issue. They love the game otherwise, and hopefully the mousewheel thing becomes okay someday.

With recent pushes by Relic and Microsoft for accessibility options, a mousehweel lock would be nice.

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