[Suggestion] Make Day/Night system

Imagine you in online game**(PvP)** and the time change from Day to Night . It would be great to add such as this feature to the gameplay system.


Love it, should definutely be an add on feature or option in the graphics settings.
Hows this?: Seasons


why stop there?

less visibility in the night (possibly torches which increase vision but can be seen from further away)
rain (slower troops, especially cavalry, torches and ranged combat mor limited)
snow (slightly slower troops and increased visibility (because everything stands out from snow)


or rules like you cant attack at night would be cool like it used to happen in medivial period

Oh dude! This would be such a cool idea.
Cycling through weather/seasons to custom maps would be great too. Intermittent rainfall.

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Not being able to attack is a horrible idea. As long as the weather, day / night system does not slow down the game phase its a great idea.

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Reducing vision would be as far as I would go with it, that would be interesting if units lost some LOS at night (-1 to a minimum of 1 LOS or however they measure it)

I really like this idea if it’s only cosmetical, but changes to how the game plays depending on weather etc. is too much in my opinion and would in my opinion not be benifical in creating a balanced multiplayer.


I don’t like the idea of a day and night cycle.
It the night it too bright it wont feel like a night.
If the night is too dark it will make the visibility a lot worse and playing the game less comfortable.
There is no middle ground here. In the middle it will be hard to ready for everyone without an HDR monitor while still not feeling like a real night.
Weather is also hard, you can’t add clouds because they would cover your view. Rain or snow would ruin readability.

Day / Night system should cover the whole day. It shouldn’t change from day to night at once. Every moment of the day is beautiful. I think this option should definitely be in the game and be optional. And nights should not be bright :d Weather should also be optional.

I think that it could be nice. Warcraft 3 had a very important day/night switch, I don’t think that it should influence the gameplay that much in AoE. But it shows that even the night can have good visibility and don’t be too bright. If it’s just cosmetically the other daytimes would be needed too, but if it had a gameplay system behind (which could be fun), it can be just day/night from my point of view. Less LOS could result in sneaky calvery charges. Maybe even animals could attack in the first night or something like that

It can be similar to Warcraft. No need to get too “dark” in the night. Just effect units visual range instead of players…

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I didn’t like the night in WC3. It was very important in early game but than just annoying in lategame.

Can my gunpowder unit shoot in the rain?

Matchlocks have problems. They were the most common early firing mechanisms so they would be the most common in AoE4.
Wheellocks are very weather save but they where very expensive so only Elite troops like cavalry used them.
Flintlocks are relatively weather save and much cheaper than wheellocks but they are too modern for AoE4.