[Suggestion] Make new formation ONLY TO ATTACK UNITS, not buildings

Please consider adding a new formation so that military ONLY attack units close by (like enemy villagers), and not buildings! It’s so hard to click on enemy villagers when they build a castle right by your town center, for example. It would be awesome with a formation that only focus enemy units and not buildings :slight_smile:

Reason for my suggestion is that I had around 20 pikemen and lost to 12 villagers building a castle lol :stuck_out_tongue: I tried clicking on the enemy villagers so many times, without any luck lol :stuck_out_tongue: The castle got built, and I got super frustrated not being able to click the enemy haha.

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You know there is already a hotkey for this? If you use this and click at some place behind a building, they will attack the the untis behind the building, not the building itself.

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The patrol formation already does this with standard units.

Anytime a unit defaults to attacking a building, it’s a result of that individual unit not having a long enough LOS to see anything but the building. Infantry units and Knights have bad LOS, with the notable exception of eagles.

Use the move command to specifically move attackers into a position where they can see the builders before letting them loose and no matter what order for attacking you give them, as long as it’s not to directly attack a building, they will hunt down units in the area first.

It doesn’t matter if you can see the villagers, if the army can’t, it won’t engage. That’s figured per-unit. Pikeman have a LOS of 4, so if they’re on the opposite side of the castle of the villagers and you don’t personally command them to walk around it, they’ll never see the villagers to engage.


You mean “R”? Attack move behind the castle, and then they will attack units before building? :slight_smile:

I just find it annoying that there is no kind of attack move formation which bypasses all buildings on their waypath. Units always seems to attack buildings on their path when attack moving. Like for example in C&C the army never attack buildings when you attack move, unless formation/units are set to Agressive stance.

IIRC, holding alt when right clicking doesn’t target buildings. It is also useful for moving on top of farms.

What you are suggesting is a feature from Rise of Nations. We could have normal stance which prioritizes units, raid stance which prioritizes villagers and raze stance which prioritizes buildings (with trebuchet and rams starting in this).

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