[Suggestion] Make UU and siege great again with balance

  1. Abbasid:
  • Camel archer: costs = 240 same as a knight but less impact than an archer, Magudai, suggest: lower cost, lower hp, and lower damage 120f 40w 120hp 10 att
  • Camel rider never: speed same as lancer how to counter and without charge; suggest: speed 1.63 to 1.75
  1. Chinese:
  • Zhuge Nu good,
  • Fire Lancer never when bonus to siege but siege disappear, suggest: change same as Donso periodically throws a lance when attacking from ranged.
  • Grenadier never: res = 240 as a knight but totally super less impact, suggests: lower cost, lower hp, and lower damage 120f 40 w 40 g 130hp 12 att
  1. Delhi:
  • War Elephant: costs 1000 res only for counter cavalry but speed too slow, and countered by 3 units spear and crossbow or Handcannoneer, suggest: add anti-cavalry armor so less counter by the spear, add trample damage same as real life to effective mass melee units.
  • Tower Elephant: never after the update, cost 1000 res but counter by the spear, horseman, knight, and Handcannoneer, suggest same as war elephant: add anti-cavalry armor so less counter by the spear, add trample damage same as real life to effective mass melee units.
    English: ok
    French: ok
    HRE: ok
    Malians: Op now update later
  • Mangudai: good for TG but never seen on solo, cost x2 archer and needs gold but range less, hp less, damage less, suggests same as camel archer lower cost, and lower damage 90f 40 g 6att
  • Janissary: cost 160 counter by almost unit except for horseman, bonus vs calvary still lose vs knight with the same res, suggest HP 110 - 130, effect
    Elite Army Tactics only + 20% hp


  • Ram: too long to build. For example, your enemy got 3 archery range with 80s ~ 21 archers if 1 unit to build, idle 15 units to build = 15s = 3 archers, suggest reducing time to 45s same as Siege tower, make booming reduce and scout enemy more important
  • Siege Tower: Useless at all now, suggest adding a new skill “overload” to stop tower firing exchange 125 wood to 100 wood, reduce the attack speed of TC or Keep 25% per siege tower(Attackspeed = x*75%) or if can stop TC or Keep not able to attack the overload direction is better(NSEW), HP to 300
  • Springald: costs 500 only for counter-siege when MAA or horseman or knight do it better. Att to 40 bonus + 60, 2 hits can kill an archer or crossbow without armor is fair enough. Add new upgrade call “xxxx” increase Springald 30% att on age 4: att 40 to 52 can 2 hit kill upgraded archer or crossbow.
  • Mangonel: costs 600 only counter-ranged unit if your range enemy is not moving @@, useless vs melee infantry too, slow, need setup to fire, suggest increase aoe to 1.00
  • Nest of Bees: good
  • Trebuchet: good
  • Bombard: cost 1000res only for destroyed building at all suggest att + 35% vs infantry and cavalry = 135 (162 upgraded): 1 hit to hand cannoneer, 2 hits on infantry, 3 hits on a knight, not effect vs siege
  • Ribauldequin: good
  • Culverin: same as bombard but + 35% vs ranged units = 115 (138): 1 hit kill archers, crossbow, 1 hit to kill hand cannoneer after upgrade
  • Great Bombard: same as bombard + 35% vs infantry and cavalry

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I may not agree with these specific changes, but I agree with the general principle of giving UU a bigger role in main armies as opposed to functioning mostly as support units. These units should be why you pick certain civilizations and should have a sense of excitement to them.

Much of the design behind UU feels blind. It feels like fun is an afterthought, if even that. Elephants, despite the changes are still uninteresting units due to the suppoused role they are given; as fat rams. Siege weapons should also be looked at, and be made more fun to use as opposed to being heavily restricted in movement, set up time and cost. Currently AOE4 goes from Feudal to Imperial with little change in gameplay, and it is never exciting to actually build Siege, knowing how they mostly function against walls and kind of suck to use against everything else. There should be excitement in the usage of “better” “stronger” units later into the game, they should take a bigger role than I currently feel they do.

Heres hoping some attention can be brought to this.