Suggestion: Mega random with regular start

The regular start means the common start condition of the most of the maps: 1 TC + 1 scout + 3 villagers and civ bonus.

The latest TG map poll showed that Nomad is not liked by the most of people. Meanwhile Baltic and Mega random still got 33% votes. It showed that there are non-negligible requirements for the hybrid and water maps.

I didn’t vote for Mega random simply because I don’t like nomadic start. But if Mega random always start with regular condition, it might become one of my favorite maps.

So please add another version of Mega random with regular start to replace the original Mega random.

Some players just dont want to play Nomad games, but dont matter to have sometimes nomad starts in MegaRandom. I dont see this as an issue and thus i see no reason to change MegaRandom.

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Vipee said the other day they should include always a “random map” in the pool rotation: land random, water random, nomad random, hill random, gold random, megarandom, etc.