Suggestion: More options for range indicator

In order of importance: (in my opinion)

  • There should be a hotkey for toggling the range indicator on and off (or “when selected” and “always off”) this could also be applied to some other UI stuff that can be helpful but also distracting sometimes, like the Healthbar indicators and the Grid
  • There should be an opacity slider for the line, just like the one for the grid (At fist I thought both were controlled by the same slider, but at least when the “show player colour” option is on, it isn’t)
  • Folwarks shouldn’t show the area indicator unless selected, and/or should only be visible for your own Folwarks
  • The “show player colour” option shouldn’t make the line so much thicker
  • Ungarrisoned TCs should not have the indicator (Unless it’s from a Malians player with “Tigui”, of course) or should have a lower opacity (this should probably be optional “on”/“lower opacity”/“off”)