[suggestion]Multiplayer suspension reason

Hi , I’m a aoe2 de player from Hong Kong . Its the first topic i’ve created. In this topic is all about the Multiplayer Suspension in my account(killasvilly) . I wake up and open my aoe2 de as usual .When i click on multiplayer ,
It said that “action has been taken because of negative behavior”

My question is may i have more specific detail about the negative behavior

*which “negative behavior” i’ve done

*when i’ve done the those “negative behavior”

*who/which is the target of those “negative behavior”

*link to the game of “negative behavior” have been done

*the player who have report

*link to the rule of aoe2 de that player mustn’t do

Here’s my example
“Action have been taken against Player XXX because of spamming in multiplayer game in 10:00 10/1/2020 . . There’s total 3 victims(player xxx),(player xxx),(player xxx) get affected by the spamming . This is reported by player xxx and get confirmed by (admin xxx) . Multiplayer Suspension of 12hrs is given to Player XXX.<link to the rule of aoe2 de that player mustn’t do>”

Evidence and Prove is a Must for a punishment/system.
It give me a way to improve myself and know more about what i cannot do.
I’ve no clue about why i get suspended , is it because of stealing boar? or bad-mouth? or its just an abuse of authority by admin? Who knows.

I’m a fans of aoe2 de over 400hrs playtime with over 1300 elo.
I’m deeply disappointed about the multiplayer suspension and hope for an improvement .

I’m looking forward to your reply.

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Yes, banned message must give the reason why you banned.

this is in game.

Well, they aren’t just good players. I don’t think this information must be shared. I think the game and the reason must be shared.

By the way this is forum, not support if they aren’t same thing.

i use this as an example is because stealing boar could be part of ‘griefing’.Most of the reason of report have a wide range and don’t have an exact rule . For example , is walling enemy tc griefing ? How about walling ally tc ? The rule is ambiguous.

No, he can attack back to your villagers and destroy wall.

Yes, allies can’t attack back to your villagers and destroy wall.

As I remember my friend banned in Euro Truck Simulator, there was a YouTube video linked in ban message and you can easily watch it. He said it was unfair and not his mistake, reporters mistake but I don’t know. At least they can attach game/games where you got reported/banned.

Do the devs really ban people?! That is amazing. To me it looks like reports were always useless. I never felt they did anything with the reports. So this is great news: At least they have a look at the reports. This is the positive news i get from this thread.

But i do think they devs need to explain the reason a bit more clearly. Now you have no idea why you are banned.

I might have a suggestion for you why you might be banned: Seems like 2 days ago you lost a lot of games in a row in a quick time frame. Did you just quick really early? Like in the first minute of the game? This might be the reason and is negative behavior on the ladder in my opinion. If this is the reason, i can understand that this explanation by the devs is not clear to you.

Thanks for you reply.
i’ve check those match replay , i’m in a losing streak in 5 like from 1k4 drop from 1k3.
those are really quick lose , i’m practicing 1 tc siege monk push with aztecs and celts with some incas trush.
The minimum time i lose is 14 min , while facing 17pop mongol sc rush .
If those devs really ban me because of 5 losing streak , its ridiculous .
(Even the top player have experience some losing streak)
[assume that everyone have 50% win rate , 5 losing streak will occur in every 32 player] Therefore , i don’t think it will be the reason i get banned

Even i’ve lose those games , still have a positive win rate (>50%)
The only reason i could think about is auto-ban with AI
like having a script that auto-ban people from 5 lose streak

The , last thing i wanna say is that i really like this game and curious about the ban.
I could just wait for 6 hrs and keep playing aoe2 de . However , i didn’t .

But still , all of the things is my prediction . And there is no clue about the script and the reason yet .

If this is true, then this isnt the reason for the ban at all.

There are some people that just Alt + F4 in the first seconds of the game, so they can loose Elo and bash noobs. Such behavior needs to be banned. If someone do this against me, i will report that guy and hope the devs will ban that guy. But based on your story you arent such guy. So this isnt the reason for you ban.

Afaik there is auto ban feature for big losing streak. Like you said: Losing 5 times in a row something just happens. That will never be the reason for a ban.