Suggestion new special technologies


the devs had asked at the release of the last patch to please post ideas and suggestions to further develop the game, while assuring that in the future would be guaranteed to take care of the game and there will be more patches (I think, but no more than one per year).

I’ve had a bit of time in the last few days to think about how to make the game better, without the technical improvements (pathfinding for example) or expansions (new civs/skins) mentioned a lot.

But something that is much less complex in terms of programming.

It occurred to me that it would make sense to give each civ a new technology to specialize it more and create more interesting attractions, even in multiplayer.

Let’s look in Age2 - there is from the castle age to develop this technology in the castle: CastleAgeUnique

Following the example, I made the effort to think up a technology for each civ also similarly.
In Age1, these technologies could be available in the government building from the Bronze Age.

I have tried to emphasize strengths even more and/or to cushion glaring weaknesses somewhat and/or to push civs more into a certain role (for example, aggressor/defender/supporter). I also did some historical research, so that the abilities also make sense historically, at least in a broader sense. To be honest, it wasn’t that easy.

To the costs I still say in advance that I am no mathematician the development costs more or less estimated. So forgive me if something should be too expensive or cheap in your opinion.

I am curious about what you say and am of course totally open to alternative or better suggestions.

One more request - please also write if you find something good. Usually it is so that most people only write what they find crap and the rest remains unmentioned. Do not misunderstand, I do not take it personally. But then you ask yourself: “And what about the other suggestions? Are they good or just less crap?” :slightly_smiling_face:


Team bonus (one-time ability):

  • all allies receive 10 gold for each villager.

Costs: 600 wood, 800 food

“Scourge of Nations”:

  • for each building destroyed, the player receives 10 gold.

Costs: 400 food, 300 gold

“Marduk Theology”:

  • for each Babylonian priest killed, you receive 25 gold and 20 stones.

Costs: 300 food, 400 gold

“Hellenism” (one-time ability):

  • each villager becomes an academy unit (all stats are reduced by 50%).

Costs: 600 food, 700 gold

“Fire Devil”:

  • archers do +3 more damage to buildings

Costs: 350 food, 400 gold


  • warships (except fire galleys) deal +4 damage

Costs: 400 wood, 250 gold


  • units and buildings are unconvertible. You also receive 100 gold for each enemy temple destroyed.

Costs: 600 food, 700 gold

“Ionian Community”:

  • each Minoan house and village center now houses 8 units instead of 4
  • team bonus: Training times of units and villagers are reduced by 20%.

Costs: 800 food, 400 gold

“Date Exports”:

  • Field workers convert a quarter of food into gold.

Costs: 300 food, 400 gold

“Enemies Like Grass”:

  • cavalry deals 50% more damage against archer units.

Costs: 400 food, 300 gold.

“Ancient Egyptian Etymology”:

  • Improved and composite archers cost wood, instead of gold.

Costs: 200 wood, 250 gold


  • production time of barracks units reduced by 20%.

Costs: 400 food, 600 gold.

“Human Sacrifice”:

  • receive 5 gold for each villager removed, 20 gold for each enemy villager killed.

Costs: 400 food, 600 gold

“Temple Economy”:

  • for each temple or government building, fields are 20% cheaper.

Costs: 300 wood, 600 food

“Agile Warriors”:

  • short swordsmen and archers have +3 armor against penetration.

Cost: 300 food, 300 gold

Thank you and many greetings.


I like it. I also support Unique Units in aoe1.


I don’t know if you wanted these to be Bronze Age or Iron Age technologies, but based on how strong all of these are I’m going to assume these are all Iron Age technologies.

I have only played RM games so when I’m reviewing these I’m going to ignore DM games.

Rating 5/5
Giving small(ish) amount of gold to all allies helps gold dependent civilizations making this useful technology, but this shouldn’t be Egyptians unique technology.
Egyptian is already strong late Iron Age team game civilization.
This bonus would be better fit for a non aggressive gold dependent civilization. IE: Choson.

Rating 5/5
Having a way to get extra gold when slow pushing with siege as a civilization without Scythe Chariots removes the biggest pain point from the late game.

Rating 1/5
Even if this was available for free from the get go it would have minimal effect at best.
There isn’t any good way to utilize mass priests.
To make this useful Priest would need a rework.

Rating 2/5
This would have similar problems to Flemish Revolution from AoE 2 DE.
In some ways this would be even worse for AoE 1, because AoE 1 is faster phased with far less defensive systems making this too strong. With 10+ TC (not possible in AoE 2) and full upgraded Centurions (and 2k food in bank) Greek player can easily go 250 military pop and recreate their villagers within few minutes.

Rating 4/5
Towers and walls are created to counter archers so this shouldn’t do any bonus to them.
And for other buildings; Hittite has strong catapults, no reason to make Hittite CA only civilization.
Would be good bonus for a civilization with weak siege (Egypt, Phoenician, Yamato).

Rating 4/5
This would be +30% damage for Trireme.
Considering that Persian has +33% fire rate, and it doesn’t get Ballistics or Craftsmanship, this would be OP.
+2 would be better (or +3 and give this to Choson).

Rating 1/5
Macedonian 4x resistance already prevents any priest usage. This is just overkill.

Rating 4/5
Doubling headroom for Houses and Town Centers is good bonus.
Even if this was only available at Iron Age it would be useful. Both as a quick way to get to max pop cap and in reducing the base rebuilding cost.
Reducing training time on the other hand… I can see this becoming over powered pretty damn fast. Most notably with HA, HHA, Ballista and Helepolis.
Changing the unit training time to decreased building time could be good alternative, or heavily reducing the technology cost and removing the Training time bonus altogether.

Rating 1/5
Too strong. Palmyra could mass HHA way too easily.

Rating 5/5
Simple, yet good bonus.
Since Persians have no trash units it would ensure their Cataphract wouldn’t become too strong.
Normal Cataphract Kills HHA in 8 hits.
To make this bonus balanced Cataphract should kill HHA in 6 hits. Which is +40% bonus damage after armor calculations, or +25% bonus damage before armor calculations, or flat non reducible +5 damage.

Rating 3/5
6 damage ranged unit with no gold cost is really strong. With full pop, Composite Bowmen can beat Scythe Chariots, making this extremely strong bonus for any civilization with full upgrades to Composite Bowmen.

Rating 2/5
Flooding enemy with Roman Legions is already strong strategy.
If someone got this it shouldn’t be Roman, because this bonus would ensure that Legions would be the only unit Romans should ever use in Iron Age.
Maybe give this to Babylonians.

Rating 2/5
Too heavy snowball effect.
Getting +10 gold for each building is nice, this bonus has too high possible outcome.

Rating 1/5
Too good economy bonus.
Fifth (5) building would already reduce the Farm cost to 30 wood.
Sumerian pocket with 250 villagers, all on farming, would be too strong team game play style.
Slinging in AoE 2 is already a big problem, and this would introduce very similar problem to AoE 1.

Rating 2/5
Archers are already versatile unit, no reason to give Yamato by far the strongest archers.
Towers should always counter archers, and Elephant archers should remain counter to HHA.


I would like to see new civ-specific techs/bonuses arrive, accompanied with new dynamics regarding gameplay. Some of my ideas:

  • gold generated/received when destroying specific buildings or units (I like to think killing enemy cataphracts would return 25% of their gold cost, for example)
  • houses have double the population capacity
  • units have resistance against all ranged attacks, except buildings, which would receive extra damage instead
  • faster siege machines
  • impossibility to create siege machinery, but compensated with outstanding infantry and cavalry units (bonuses)
  • sacrifice generates resources (considering mythology was very important before the middle ages for most if not all people around Iron Age)
  • regenerative capabilities for all units (like 25HP/minute), but can’t train priests.
  • resources required to advance in ages are 50% cheaper, but units cost 25% more
  • can create all units and buildings in Iron Age (except for priests)
  • priests can convert all buildings, including those normally prohibited by the game
  • Generates 25 units of every resource per unit killed, 150 per town center, 300 per wonder
  • start with 0 resources, but have villagers work twice as fast
  • their wonders generate 25 units of every resource per minute while standing
  • can build docks even in shores surrounded by deep waters, plus have all their ships’ speed increased by 12.5%
  • their units and buildings have 50% conversation resistance, but receive extra damage from siege weapons
  • their units can’t be converted by priests (only their buildings)
  • their siege weaponry deals extra damage to buildings but receives extra damage coming from cavalry
  • they can always see where their enemies are, and what they’re doing (regardless of match settings)
  • can build and train 25% faster, but their whole economy is 50% less productive


thank you for your ratings and your comments! :+1: :+1:

Apart from the fact that I had to google what HHA means, here are my comments to your comments :smiley::

Yes, I meant from the Bronze Age. :wink:

I know it’s not very elegant, but it’s kind of funny. Towers are the strength of the Babylonians and it was really hard to find something that fits into the Age1 universe. And religion already played a massive role with this people.
Maybe I’ll come up with something better someday.

The same here. It was really not easy to find something that fits. And yes, of course I stole it from AoE2. But I don’t think it’s op, because the stats (and that includes running speed, by the way) are halved and you can really only use it once. Also, I think it’s counterable once this is used for an attack.

Again, I don’t think it’s too op. But it would fit them perfectly in my eyes. It would make the people a bit more interesting and you could force the opponent to duel with their weapons. Besides, the technology is already relatively expensive. Or for all I care, you could increase the price as well.

That was also a bit of the idea behind it. Palmyra was an extremely rich city at the time, thanks largely to exports. And especially their archers were very famous.
As I said, I’m not a mathematician and I can’t tell if the bonus would be too extreme. If necessary, weaken it a bit. (?)

Again, to be honest, it was very hard to find something. Also because Romans are already so strong. Maybe the bonus can be weakened. But a conscription doesn’t fit to Babylonians for example somehow. Babylonians were, according to my impression, not so warlike.
Maybe one day I’ll come up with something better for Romans.

Again, the mathematics thing. It’s already possible that it’s too strong. You’d have to try it out. But from the feeling it fits to this people.
But Shang didn’t talk about buildings.

Already possible. I would like to play it sometime. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here I made a mistake in the execution. Of course, I meant only unmounted archers. And I think that’s perfectly okay.

For everything else I am d’accord with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many greetings.


I like this. I think unique upgrades are a very good idea.
But I didn’t really like the suggestions for each civ.

Instead of so much economic bonus, return resources and “Revolutions”, I think it should be more focused on units.
For example, the improvement of palmyrians could be on their Camels, increased attack so that this unit is still profitable in Iron Age.

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Im not a fan of adding UT and UU to this and making it a clone of aoe2.


For Age 1 to be a clone of Age 2, MANY other features would need to be ported over, honestly.


This could just lead to a snowball effect, you can go and search about why Obsidian Arrows of Mayans and the Saracen Archer bonus against buildings of aoe 2 were just removed from the game, was just broken and silly design, Archer units are quite dominant in both games and can’t imagine archers destroying towers lol, and Hitites already have quite strong Catapults to use, and their own archers already have extra attack, that’s overkill.

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You could take out the bonus against towers and walls.