Suggestion on how range units should behave

I just think it would be good if we had the possibility to make one type of unit target one other type of enemy unit in particular and not just whatever is the closest. even for melee unit it would be nice to be able to tell ur knights to only focus on goth huskarl and not pikemen for instance.

Let me know what you think !

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Sorry, I’m not agree with your idea. It is assumed you have to micro these kind of situation.

What I think would be good to disscuss it is to add an attack ground action for archers too. Like choose between throw all arrows in one unit, or spread damage in a group of units. I think a 3x3 area effect could be good.

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How easy is it to micro 20 camels and 20 pikes against 20 knights and 20 pikes so that camels don’t waste their shots? I can’t imagine even pros can prevent their camels wasting shots (ie idling or attacking pikes)

The reason rams so effectively counter archers is specifically because you should NOT be microing down single targets…

And the ram issue is likely the main reason they will never improve any kind of auto target designation(along with the development cost) … Since it heavily nerfs a lot of counters.which is unfortunate…

I also hate seeing archers waste shots on rams or camels attacking pikes instead of cavalry…

I mean heck units attacking houses in the middle of a fight instead of other units :joy::joy:

Inb4 auto everything because clearly that’s what’s asked for and not just slightly more intelligent units… (sarcasm)


You can do this already, it’s called “micro”

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Erm so you want rams and meatshield to not work as a strategy?


We all know ram meat shiels is a strategy on paper but is always complicated to do in real game, you have to bring the slow ram in front of the archers etc etc

Yeah but we could assume that when you click the archer on one type of unit, they automatically keep firing at the same type of units, that would be micro too since you’d have to click the type of unit to target too.
And micro isnt what should make the game, it’s just some trick that plays on weaknesses of the game. The game is a strategy game, not an arcade where the player’s ability to quickly hit buttons on their keyboard should matter… that’s my opinion

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The game is an rts, which is made by both micro and macro. Micro is a fundemental aspect of the genre and being able to micro while macroing and decide yojr strategy is a skill that has always been fundamental in a rts


Okok I respect that, it’s not up to me to say what the game identity should be ! Just on a personnal level I don’t really enjoy microing my units but I guess some people do

Both are important in diferent situations. In Feudal wars micro is very decisive, but as the match progresses and the armies get numbers the wise in mixing units is more important. Anyway, micro can define some critical situations all along a match that putting all togheter explain the result of a game, like good fights takken, stopped forwards castles, focus siege units before make a hole in a wall, a quick walling, etc.

yeah but quick walling, hit and run are tactics that have nothing to do with a real battle, imagine a city under siege and villagers building houses behind holes in the wall… it makes no sense

Again, this is a rts, not a battle simulator

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The nomadic squad be like

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