Suggestion on the Tatars civ

The Tatars civ was classified as cavalry archers civ, but when we compare it with other cav archers civs we find they don’t have that much bonuses for their cav archers except the free thumb ring because the parthian tactic is imperial tech so it is not useful that much.

I am talking about the Tatars cav arch comparing with other cav arch civs. The 25% hill bonus is not that much because not all the time you have a hill to fight on it!!! And the free thumb is weaker than 20% fire for the mongols and not that much comparing to 10% disscount for the huns in the castle or 10% more speed for the cumans. I am talking about bonuses that will be immediately appeared once you reached the castle age and once the orher cav arch civs have researched the thumb ring or the parthian tactic what the specail for the Tatars except the silk armor?! I am talking about features here but not about free or not free techs.

so i have this suggestion:

-cavalry archers have 30% hp or cost -15%
-cavarly archers training time 20% faster
-Remove the free parthian tactic and make it with cost.
-Steppe lancers for all their civs must be cheaper (60 food, 35 gold).
-Flamming camel can be training without the unique tech in the imperial age.
-Make the Keshik attack faster.

I think if this has been done for the Tatars it will be good like other cav archers civs, like Mongols, Cumans, Huns.