(Suggestion) Online Quality of Life Additions

Hey all, not sure where to put suggestions but i’d like ask for a ‘whisper’ or ‘message’ feature to be added to AoE3:DE Multiplayer.
It would also be great if friends can be shown as ‘offline’ or ‘online’. These features were in the original Age of Empires 3 and I think would be a great addition to DE for easier coordination and communication with friends and other players.
As it stands my clan is having to use discord for everything which is fine but makes it harder to find speak with new players or people in our clan that don’t want to use discord.


This has been asked to the devs many many many many times.

Pls do this. This is not only a quality of life addition, is a way to promote a closer community


Agreed. It’s really hard to establish any sort of social aspect to this game without being able to communicate or know who’s online or not.

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Also, it would be good to have a more relevant “Block” option, so that in non rated games you could not enter a room where a blocked player is, not the blocked player could enter a room where you are.

There are some really really anoying and stalker players