Suggestion: opponent quick tech tree

Not sure if this has been suggested before but I love the quick tech tree for my civilization for a fast reminder of what my civ can do but I feel having a look at my opponent’s would be just as useful.
Could it be possible to have this easily accessible (vs having to open the tech tree menu which is not really realistic during a online game without being annoying and pausing the game).




They need to add bonuses granted by allies under team bonuses first. Having a list of all the bonuses your team has is much more beneficial.


Why not both? Though I feel like showing that many might be very clunky with the current quick tech tree implementation, whereas the mods are themselves somewhat clunky to get everything to show.

Maybe in-game the full tech tree could have a separated field that only shows the current civs in play at the moment, and then after a space come the rest of the civs, so you don’t at least have to search for the civs.


Yeah both would be great.