[Suggestion] please add a tool or option to create custom campaigns in aoe3:de

I never knew the reason why in aoe3 there was no option to create custom campaigns. But now in the final version it would be very good if they could add that possibility.

We are many designers and modders who could build very fun campaigns such as the different wars of independence in America, the Napoleonic wars or even an original story. Also with the mods section these campaigns could be shared and many people know different works of designers and modders.

I hope this will be seen by the team of developers or some executive in charge of the development of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

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What do you mean? You can totally do that with the Scenario Editor.

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There was a time that I tried to play campaigns created by modifiers, I found it uncomfortable, There are some that have many errors, they are broken could be due to the updates of the game and how poorly optimized this game is, the other is that the language that I have seen usually it is German and French, within the campaigns, in addition to being able to open the modifications, at least in my case I cannot open it from the game but I have to go to a folder, transform the format to AGE, after doing that I have to see if the file works haha,

If it were easier, the truth would be great

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how can that be done? I have looked into all the effects of triggers and there is no way.
There is no option that we can load the next scenario after winning the first one