[Suggestion] Please give me an option to turn off "unit being attacked" sound

i don’t know if anyone on the team is reading this but first i want to say this game had the best sound, music and voice act in the whole franchise,i’m thank you for creating such beautiful scores,and passionate voice acting and very good sound effect,im really loved it,it adding so much to an atmosphere

However this bring me to my and i only think that only me had this problem,when your unit or your ally unit being attacked,it bring out a very loud sound that alert you

imho i think there should be an option to turn it off since your unit and scout will yell for help if they being attack like most of relics rts games in the past.

i don’t play competive or anything like that,so its not a problem for me, i just want to enjoy the atmosphere.

thanks for listen to my ted talk and have a goodday everyone.


shameless bump in the hope of someone noticed beside good man gkd

More options, more power to us!

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