[Suggestion] Please Nerf Lakota Scout drop

Hi dev, please nerf Advanced Scouts so the scouts can’t be spawn by the War Chief. That card part with Center of Power and Native Warriors becomes extremely oppressive. This combo allows WC to stealth to your base and just mass-produce Scouts out of nowhere. Scouts are supposed to be spy replacements, aren’t meant to be mass spawn like this. I truly believe that these cards aren’t designed to be used with one another and it’s extremely unbalanced. At the very least, please make it so that the Native Warriors card does not affect Native Scouts.

Thank you for your hard works.


It was originally to replace the 2007 version of Chiefs can train pets
Originally the Sioux(Lakota)was training coyotes
Originally the Iroquois(Haudenosaunee) was training black bears
Then unified as training scouts

It can’t be stopped even knowing. They need to act quickly.


I played with a team member that used this strategy. I’ll be honest, was pretty hilarious to watch.

Are the stats of the scout that high where this is an issue? I kind of equate this to how a player could send a villager or a shipment to allow their explorer to build a tower near your base, and then just spam shipments (e.g. Spain). Or aging up with the politician that allows you to also train units from said tower. I understand the WC can probably train scouts more quickly than you could train units or send shipments, but didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

Perhaps the train time can be reduced. Scouts are already pretty weak, so it would be bad if they nerfed scouts as a “fix” to this.

I think the best way to solve this is by making Native Scouts not affected by any cards that buff the Natives. I just found out Black Arrow also decreases the train time. With Native Scout and Black Arrow, you are training Scouts for 67 wood per unit every 3 seconds. That’s uber dumb.

You also need to send the card “Native Warriors” to get the cost down to 67.