Suggestion & Poll: In Game Achievement/Mastery Progress

Something that is highly desirable is being able to see the current task for achievements or mastery progress while playing the game. Sometimes it is easy to forget what is supposed to be done to master civilizations while being distracted by all the things going on in AOE4 :slight_smile:

Would you like to be able to see/track mastery progress while playing a match?

  • Yes
  • No

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Make a poll? Or if u want me to make it here for u thats fine too. Its in the dropdown at the top of your reply box.

Done! Thanks for the tip!

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No prob… one of the management team can track this and put it in their logs :wink:

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This could also be accomplished by just adding it to the main menu for quick access.

Which main menu? And how?

For example, instead of overlaying a progress bar or tracker, you could add a button to the main menu (when you are in game and hit the ESC key). Exactly like the Tech Tree button looks. Or even just add a little button to the UI for quicker access.

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