[Suggestion][QoL] Select the most numerous military units of a kind

Problem: every time military units come out I have to select and add them to the selection group with the other ones. That’s something repeated forever in all games.

Possible solution: There could be shortcuts allowing to select the most numerous units of a kind, in order. For example: there are 40 halbardiers, 20 arbalests, 3 trebs. Shortcut 1 would be for halbs, shortcut 2 for arbalests, shortcut 3 for trebs.

double click and then create a gorup

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This is the problem, I don’t want to create a group every time a military comes out. Please read

Use the hotkey to select all military units

then shift-click on an icon of the most numerous unit. now u select only those.

I do that, but you will understand that it’s not exactly one click.

It’s obvious that other solutions exist, I’m proposing a solution to reduce clicks. Developers have (relatively) recently added selection for all barracks or other military buildings of a kind. Before that one could manage it in other ways.
This is the same.

I suggested a time ago to add icons of all units you have with the quantity, like Capture Age.

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Yes! It’s the natural consequence

Do you mean that the unit goes automatically to the a selected control group?
And if you want to split them?

They would be special control groups. The goal is not to remove any current functionalities. Normal control group remain as they are now. It’s just an addition