Suggestion: Queue Ban for dodging Games

As the title says i would like to suggest a small Queue Ban for ppl who alt+f4 when they dont like a map.

In other games like league of legends its normal that if u dont like ur teammates or ur favorite champ gets banned and therefore u dodge the game u cant queue directly after again, but need to wait like 5minutes (and if it happens a lot of times even longer).

I would wish the same for aoe2. It can be super frustrating to sit in queue for 30min and find like 5 games, but every game someone dodge it because he dont like the map.

A 5min queue ban wouldn’t hurt super much, but some ppl might then just play the map instead of dodge and queue directly again until they get their most loved map.

What’s ur thoughts about this?

Edit: I would suggest it for both 1vs1 and TG, but most needed it is in TG i think.


Requested many times before and i like the idea. Many other games also have such system. Not only for dodging games, but also for early leavers as well. Just within 5 minutes of game time. Something like that. There are some player that just Alt F4 in the first seconds to lower their rating. We need the same system for those quitters as well.

I also would advice the devs to implement an increasing ban time if you get banned more frequently.


People who are picky about maps should just play single-player.


You forgot the lobby, that is still an option as well.


Don’t like it. I heard by now you lose rating if you dodge queue (haven’t tested it myself) but I really dislike temporary bans for leaving/queue dodging etc.
Maybe for team games, these can be introduced, but for 1v1? nah completely unnecessary.


as far as i am aware u dont lose any elo for dodging a queue/game only once in actually in it.

and this topic is for both 1vs1 and TG but mainly for TG

the ladder in his actual state is slowly killing TGs. people dodging games without punishment only brings less games and a worst experience overall.

At the moment no dev has said anything about this or about MMR for premades.

only solution is to play 4v4 in SC2 where those problems don’t exist.


No, MS needs to fix the map ban system.

If I don’t want to play a map, I’m not going to spend 30 mins to an hour playing that map. This is especially the case when a map pool is all tryhard maps (like it is now, with all these new ones) and I can’t ban enough to avoid them. Unranked doesn’t have a rank and there are no points at stake, so the level of effort is too low and it isn’t a good alternative.

Stop asking the overlords to punish the game players for a lousy system they implemented. Give me the option to play my fast castle maps when I want a more chill and thought out game, and give other players the option to go tryhard with micro when they want a tense game picking off villagers.


Ever heard about the lobby? Seems like that is the fix for your issue. You can play whatever map you want.

If you join the ranked queue, then you agree with the settings and you have to deal with those. If you dont agree with the settings, then just dont join the ranked queue. You waste the time of other players by just quitting.


Ban sistem for tg was a bad idea.

I don’t want to play megarandom, niether black forest, niether nomad niether continental.

I get one of those and I simply quit. I don’t like to play on those maps. And I am not the only one.


I guess you didn’t read everything I wrote there…

Anyway, tryhards hit alt-f4 when they see black forest, arena, or hideout. My team hits alt-f4 when we get a tryhard map. If one of the teams is almost always unhappy with the maps the queue is choosing, the problem isn’t everyone, its the queue system.


tryhard maps

Please pick one. Either you try to win, or you are not.

i agree with the others either u want to win a game and tryhard or u want to chill

No, the difference is macro vs micro. I prefer to win with macro.

I personally think its lousy to win by laming and teaming up to be a pest against one player. I want the option to play a map where those things are more difficult to do.

No. When I say tryhard I mean that someone is trying to play like the streamers. Not everyone enjoys that.

Fair enough, but no need to call others tryhards. You prefer closed maps, other people prefer open maps. Simple as that.

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If I want arabia 4v4 ranked, why do I have to play islands, nomad and steppe before actually getting an arabia game?
If I want to play Black forest 4v4 ranked, why am I being forced to play arabia or megarandom?

The best alternative is: unlimited map bans.
If you ban everything, it will take longer to get a match, but it will be the map you wanted to play.

If you don’t ban anything because you want a quick play, you would still get a quick play.

And if you want map variety, just ban arabia and the other common maps.

Everybody would be happy.


i banned archipelago and i still got it somehow in a 1v1… i still played the match but sure wasnt happy. stupid map :rofl:

ive come to the decision i also support unlimited bans and queue banning for game dodging

so you can ban as many maps as you want, but if you leave the game within the first minute you get banned from the queue for a short while.

just becoming frustrating dealing with these things… i mean its bad enough when someone leaves because their vil died to a boar, but almost every 2nd or 3rd atacama the player quits when the map loads…


Yeah I agree in general with the open and closed map preference being more appropriate.

There is a also certain type of player that I don’t enjoy playing against and I refer to them as the tryhards. The ones who immediately kill boars and sheep with their scouts and who block villagers that are walking, in order to allow one of their teammates to pick off the villager. Just a cheap way to play in my opinion.

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i play sic most of the time, and they are maybe the best civ to lame boars, but i (almost) never do it because i think it swings the game too much… but i get very annoyed when someone else does it and then im happy to use the 1st crusade on them