Suggestion: Queue Ban for dodging Games

Did you know that the game crashes or freezes while in the civ menu options right?

How are they going to know who is doing alt f4 or who simple had the bad luck to get a random crash freeze?

I have seen you playing with your team mates, how nice of you suggesting to punish others while stacking and having the option to ban 4 maps, while loners have to play always the maps they never wanted to play in the first place, the system is so wrong and you have abused of it and now you complaining vaaat.


If the game didn’t crash so often I could see it, but even before the issues with the latest update it has gone poof on me several times either during a game or in the menu, I for one would be much more irritated by a ctd during matchmaking not only making me re-queue from scratch but also locking me out from re-queuing when it can already take several minutes to find a game (It isn’t super extreme like several times a day but it isn’t like it doesn’t happen)

I think they just need to put a bit more time into the matchmaking system at some point in the future, the amount of maps you can ban is low and dodgers don’t want to play on any/many others than what they have favorited, if it takes a while to form a game on the map they have favorited they should have some indication of which maps have larger numbers of people in the queue waiting to start a match so those people can decide for themselves if they want to play anyway and not get the map they want

A lot of the people are dodging maps that aren’t even super unpopular, they never should have been placed into the lobby in the first place since another player could probably be found in a reasonable amount of time (Black Forest, Arabia, Arena) and the same can be said for the map they actually wanted to play on as well, it isn’t like the queue dodgers are all picking MegaRandom or (insert other non-arabia/black forest/arena map here)

Getting put into a water map when you don’t want to play a water civilization is annoying, Mega Random is just plain annoying if you don’t like it, I don’t leave matches but I can 100% understand why people that do leave matches do it, they’d rather not sit through potentially an hour or more of something that irritates them and has a decent chance of not reflecting their elo correctly, if you get 1200 elo and pick arabia all the time and get tossed in black forest with 1200 elo black forest pickers you might not be able to perform at their level even though the numbers match

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i guess we can all agree that they need to fix the crashes. Anyway while that might take 2 weeks or maybe 6 months i think its nice to already have a discussion started about this important topic and maybe reached their attention.

I can understand that ppl dont like every map (same goes for me), but i just try to ban the worst maps, favorite my best map and then play whatever comes. And if i feel like the mappool is super bad i go play lobby games for that month (or teamgames instead of 1vs1).

About playing alone in teamgame. I guess they could try to allow everyone the same amount of bans and match ppl in a team who have similar bans. The big problem with that is that we are still a small community so some ppl would wait forever. (also dunno how much work that would be and if its even possible).

The best suggestion i can give u is go to the offical AOE Discord (or any other aoe discord) to search for other ppl and group up with them so u can have 4 bans and ur teammates have similar preferences.
In the offical AoE Discord there is a “looking for a game” text channel for that.

I don’t see the point of forcing people to play on maps they don’t want to play. I like the concept of having a standard map pool for ranked games, but I should be able to ban any number of maps.

This is especially true in ranked games, because people are tryharding to improve their game. The changing map pools is a distraction because if I am just trying to improve basic skills, I don’t want to add learning 3 new maps every month to the mix. The best way to improve basic skills is to master one civ, one map, one strategy and then slowly expand. You can’t do that if maps keep changing.


You forget that this is a legit strategy and most of the time rankeds are design to be a fast pace 1v1 4v4 whatever

the point is that there is no need to dodge and just simply play there is the lobby and singpleplayer to adjust your playstyle

but i go with the basic principle that when you join a ranked match you are agreeing to the settings no matter you like it or not

i honestly think that its ok to not like certain maps but acceptence and improvement comes from playing the most liked the most played maps even if its maps that are annoying

the worrisome part is the silence of the devs in this issue for long 14 months. It means that nothing will be done to address this problem in 2021.

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My time is valuable and I won’t play on maps that I don’t like, because I want to enjoy the game.


so you cant adjust to just basic maps and prefer to play popular maps ?

What are you talking about? You guys who don’t even play the game, but vote for Megarandom, Water Nomad, Kilimanjaro and other sh.itty maps and I won’t play DE Nomad. I’m welcomed to beat you on any “basic maps”.


i do play the game and i like the randomness of megarandom water nomad is rather meh but i would still play it kilimanjaro and nomad are personal favorites i play basic maps and out of box maps because i can adapt to the maps and learn them rather then just refuse to play them at all

i like how you try to be intimidating but i dont need to prove you anything besides that all maps are playable

It’s not about adapting or not. It is about enjoying to play the game. But not everybody enjoys the same way.
You like megarandom, nomad and forest nothing? Good for you. Doesn’t mean everybody should.



but its not a reason to dodge or alt+f4 because it ruins the fun for everyone else

not only your entertainment counts tho

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It’s a pc videogame man. I don’t want to play a map I simply don’t. I don’t want to lose my time playing something I don’t enjoy.

Forcing people play maps they don’t like is selfish.


well like i said if you play rankeds you accept the rules of ranked

there is still the lobby and singleplayer were you canplay whatever map you want

Yes. This is why we want a change: Unlimited bans


it could be fixed with unlimited map-bans. like it occurs in CSGO.

why devs ignore this issue? starcraft2 doesn’t has this problem. is an aoe2de exclusive thing.


but unlimited bans create longer queue times and i dont know if the community really wants that. that might be a reason why they dident handle it

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Longer queue time only for the people that bans everything.

If you don’t ban anything, you will still get a match as fast as today.


So? some people don’t want long queue times, other people don’t want to play map they hate for an hour

They just need a poll to see how many people prefer unlimited map bans to possibly longer queue times