(Suggestion) Queue with 1 map?

Why not letting people choose only one map to queue into? Its their choice if they are willing to take 10, 20 minutes even in the queue to play in that map they are willing to… Maybe allow to queue with many maps you want, but always when queueing with less than 3, display a warning about the longer queue time expected.


It will mess up with the ratings. You rating will be much less accurate if you only play one map and then try another map. If you just want to play one map only, then you can host these kind of games in the lobby.

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This is useless and not funny at all, and it will increase the time for queuing, and again the alt4 problem is team game problem not 1v1 problem if your topic target the alt4ing issue. On the other hand after the devs introduced the preferred map choice, the map pool and queuing became much better to get what you like.