Suggestion: Reducing collision size/hitboxes of units (for improved pathing)

We know how messy it can be to move units from place to place in this game, specially in large groups with different unit types. The problem with units having big collision boxes is that they deny fluid movements and quick turns, and, at times even causing units to get permanelty stuck.

My suggestion is to reduce collision size within units, similarly to how it was done in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition:
The only downside (depending on which units would be affected) might be of graphical nature, making pathfinding and overall unit management a lot better, at the cost of visual fidelity.


  • Please, reduce collision box size so the path finding and unit handling get improved and movements feel more fluid.
  • No. Please, just stick to the current system and perform path finding improvements instead.

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In past builds, the game had a collision system that, while looking bad, it helped units move easier in groups. That behavior can be improved to achieve better results, both visually and in a practical way.

Units clipping into each other isn’t a good thing, but having collision size decreased by 25% would already make for a better pathing compared to the one in current build (38862).


The size of the collision box soesn’t matter for stuck unit behaviour as long as it’s handled in the same way as it currently is they will keep getting stuck.
There needs to be a way to push stuck units off of each other, similar to how they currently get free when placing a foundation under them.

And make sure it doesn’t allow wall jumping!

I am not sure but perhaps if you replace square hitbox with round one it will make things better. In AoE2 hitboxes look like round.

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Smaller collision boxes may make unit movement more fluid but it will cause tons of visual artefacts. Like swordsmen fighting an elephant with its head in the elephant’s neck.


Theoretically speaking, if collision size is smaller, then likelyhood of units colliding with each other would decrease. The bug with units getting stuck is a more serious one, which I do not know for certain if it’s related to collision size or not.

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You are right.

You can create a mod to test it, but it wouldn’t work probably. I created many mods for AOM to test things and also fixed many bugs on my own, it is worth it.

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By reducing collision sizes, then range would need to be increased accordingly.

As for modding, I only know how to mod texts. But anyway, the idea is that developers fix the game, not modders.

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Can you provide a link for the AOE2 patch notes, which contains these collision size reductions? As far as I know they decreased only the collision size of Trade Cart in an AOE2 HD patch.

I was not talking about a particular update but comparing the first game with its sequel in regards of unit pathfinding and collision boxes.