[Suggestion/Request] 3 additional Attack Stances

Not a simplification, just using my brain to see what these changes would imply. Because if

it means they will just run past enemies/arrows and start attacking villagers right away. Sure, they will eventually die, but they inflicted damage with minimal effort on the player’s part. While with normal attack move, they would indeed die for nothing.

You can try to raid as Teutons with scout cavalry and CA. It will just make you wonder why you’re not say, Huns. Also, attacking on one front does make it easier for the enmy to recall his villies. And I didn’t say they can’t kill villies, I said that they are disadvantaged for this, and that this weakness would be worsened with raiding stance, while their upsides would be less relevant.

I don’t want this as it simplifies even more things. I really appreciate the auto-scout and auto-reseeding of farms, etc. that the devs have done. But everything else is stuff I like to micro-manage. With these additions, the game would feel more on auto-pilot. The trebuchet auto-pack and -unpack makes sieges a LOT easier, imo, already – which I am okay with for now (though it does feel a little over-powered); but the thought of having units auto-targeting buildings and unit types takes it further down an auto-pilot road I don’t want.

The game has quirks and limitations, and we have to micro-manage those quirks and limitations. I love that. There are reasons why I hated Rise of Nations, and I bet that was one thing I didn’t really care for.

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In this context I was talking about comparing auto-scout to defensive stance, not defensive stance to raid stance. I guess you missed the point.

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I admit I read too fast, but I still think the comparison between current stances and the proposed stances is still logical (at least based on what I read), and that something that eases offence is much harder to balance that something that eases defense.

If you read my post I’ve never said that they will automatically search and attack civilians units. The Raid stance would make the units attack only villagers/caravans on their range (or the zone over the attack-move pattern, not necessarily only ranged units) and ignore buidings/military units. If you send the units to the enemy camp only on Raid mode they will be dead by skirmishers/pikeman/TC because they will attack villagers only. They will still need human supervision, but it will avoid wasting time attacking buildings with arrows.
Making more “raid parties” will still requires human intervention, they will attack villagers but will be oblivious of any enemy unit/building.
I could understand that Raid stance could be a little controversial, but a stance where the units ignore buildings (that I’ve expressed on my post) could be more useful and less “automatic” (which I don’t consider it automatic, they still requires human supervision, unlike autoexplore).


Yet something that eases defense like defensive stance can also help significantly when attacking.
Try a M@a rush to zone enemy resources and wipe out tower/houses/ranges without defensive/hold ground stance and watch them eat TC arrows the moment you turn away your attention.

That small detail has a good potential to cost you the game. Therefore Raid stance and Defensive stance are almost equally impactful. If Raid mode will make the game “too easy” so will Def/Hold stance, when given the appropriated situation for each one.

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the available stances dont work right already. i keep right clicking and just half a second after that, my units keep trying to go back to the enemy… wtf is this… the enemy is 2 squares next to them… my right clicks should surpass their stance…

Yes agreed, specially with the attack units/ignore buildings stance. This is badly needed as current behaviour just makes no sense. It is not “automation” as some are suggesting, the unit is already “automated” (because it is automatically attacking a building without being told to) its just that the automated behaviour is undersirable and therefore should be changed to something more logical.