[SUGGESTION] - Resizing the names to increase readability

As it stands right now, they increased the size of unit names. This is normally fine, good even.

But the unfortunate part comes in when creating custom scenarios involving renaming units/buildings/etc.

If you make the objects’ name too long, like say, creating a shop and listing out the price, then the name doesn’t resize and you end up having to watch it scroll by for ages to see all of the information.

It’s really frustrating, especially since the way HD handled it was perfect. It makes it hard to put in necessary information for complex multiplayer scenarios.

So what it should do, is decrease the size of the font as names get longer, so that all of the name is displayed at once instead of this awful slow scrolling feature.


And the scrolling is really dumb, because it starts off the bat. It doesn’t have a small pause to wait for you to catch your eyes on the text before scrolling. You often will loose the first letters, or words even, when trying to read a message that scrolls.


To comment on the scrolling; during NAC3 I have once seen the red text at the bottom scroll by (It could have been the pop cap message). Idk why this happened, but it should never scroll.